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Unsafe Delivery Practices

To whom it may concern:


I was hoping to locate a more formal method of registering my concerns in writing, but I have been unable to locate a dedicated customer service e-mail. Thus, I’ll have to write this complaint publicly, which I did not initially intend to do.


I purchased two refrigerators from Best Buy almost exactly one year apart - the first on Black Friday 2019 and the second just a few weeks ago. Best Buy contracted with at the same third-party logistics company [name withheld for now] to deliver both fridges. I happen to live in a gated community, and it is impossible to enter by vehicle without showing a valid driver’s license. Last year, the first driver who attempted to deliver the fridge was turned away because he didn’t have an ID. He lied about his delivery attempt by telling BB that I had refused delivery - a fabrication I had to clear up after calling BB myself to check on the status of my order, since the delivery company didn’t bother to tell me what had happened. I scheduled another delivery appointment and, needless to say, emphasized that any driver who attempted to deliver the fridge must have ID. Nevertheless, the second driver showed up with an expired ID, for which he was also turned away at the gate. I ended up having to drive the delivery truck through my neighborhood myself, because I could not afford to take another day off work to reschedule.


Fast forward to this year. When ordering this fridge, I noted in the “special instructions” box in all caps that the delivery driver MUST HAVE ID. I then called BB customer support a week before the delivery to confirm that the instruction was clear and visible and was assured the delivery service would see it. On the day of delivery (which happened to be the day after Thanksgiving), I was given a delivery window of 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Around 2 p.m., with no delivery, I was on the verge of calling BB when I received a call from a dispatcher for the same logistics company I dealt with in 2019. She informed me they were in route with my fridge but that the truck had suffered mechanical problems, delaying my delivery window to 2-5 p.m. Before I hung up, I again emphasized that the driver must have ID. The dispatcher said she would ensure he did.


As you may have guessed, he did not. About 30 minutes later, the gate guard called my house to let me know he had to turn the driver away. I waited another 30 minutes, confident that the logistics company would call back to apologize and make things right, but I received no call. So, I called the dispatcher back myself. She professed surprise and told me she would attempt to have the fridge transferred to another driver for delivery that day, and asked me to wait for her to call me back. After waiting nearly an hour with no update, I called her back multiple times but received no answer. As it was nearly 5 p.m., and I had already spent most of my holiday dealing with this mess - including removing all of my perishable food from the fridge and putting it in coolers - I called BB customer service. The man (Steven) who answered was very empathetic, which I appreciated. However, he let me know there wasn’t much he could do since the fridge was already in the custody of the logistics company. He did send messages to the delivery managers and confirmed that they would try to add my delivery to the end of another driver’s route and would let me know about a new delivery window. However, I never received a call. Around 9 p.m. that night, the delivery status on the online portal changed from “in transit” to “needs to be rescheduled,” which was the only communication I received on that issue.


The next morning (Saturday), at 6:40 a.m., I received a call from a driver letting me know he was on route with the fridge and about 10 minutes from my neighborhood. Keep in mind that nobody had let me know there would be an attempted delivery the very next morning, and it was only by sheer luck that I was awake and bothered to check my phone. I scrambled to lock my dogs away, unpack the old fridge (again), and distract my toddler, all while trying to ensure the rest of my household wasn’t startled awake by the unanticipated beeping and general noise of a delivery truck. Thankfully, this driver had ID and successfully completed the delivery.


I’m bringing this to your attention not just because it was a massive inconvenience to my family and me (and will undoubtedly make me think twice about ordering another major appliance from Best Buy), but also because I’m now aware that this logistics company has a pattern of allowing its drivers to take to the street without valid drivers’ licenses. The odds that I am the only person who has had this experience are extremely low, so I suspect that Best Buy is aware of the issue, yet chooses to keep using this logistics company anyway. But, on the off-chance that the logistics company’s legal infractions are somehow unknown to Best Buy, I am raising the issue here. Of course, I’m hoping BB can make this right for me personally, but the company also owes it to the rest of its customers, as well as anyone sharing the street with this logistics company’s unlicensed drivers, to take a good hard look at its delivery outsourcing practices. Please take this seriously, for all our sakes. Thank you.

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Re: Unsafe Delivery Practices

Hello, LiveOak221100,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our online community, and for sharing the details surrounding your delivery experiences. Many of our customers live in gated communities, which typically requires a valid identification for any service providers to gain entrance. It is extremely surprising to learn the driver may have had an expired license, or in the other instance, no license with them at all. This is something we would certainly like to learn more about, as this does not meet the expectations we have in place.


If you would like to send our team a Private Message, we can discuss this further. We want to ensure your feedback is formally documented, and you receive any necessary support. To send a Private Message, simply select the blue icon across from my signature. 



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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