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Needed to replace OTR microwave.  Shopped for at least 8wks. but in my area Best Buy had overtaken/survived others including Sears so few retail choices.  Finally decided on open box at Pacific Sales and ordered standard installation and requested afternoon vs. morning.  Originally my window was Noon-8pm on scheduled day.  First conversation with [independent] installer was that window changed to 5pm-8pm earliest.  I still said OK.  No show and finally around 8pm called to say they could probably make it by 9:30pm but still one appointment ahead of me??!!  I said call me when prior job is done and will decide if we still want you to come.  Made nonchalant comment it should only take 20mins. but I reminded old microwave would have to be de-installed as part of the job and so 20mins. would be insufficient amount of time not to mention I don't want rushed/poor job.  I live in rather remote mountains subdivision with no neighborhood lighting and narrow streets.  Without calling showed up in my driveway at 10pm.  We said "no thanks" it's too late and way past scheduled time window.  Now waiting to be re-scheduled in a week.  Not pleased and send reliable tech. next time!

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Hi there! 


Thanks for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums, although I wish it were under better circumstances. 


If you require additional assistance on this matter, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with your order number.

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