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Unprofessional and highly disrespectful Customer Service and Geek Squad Installation Team

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On Dec 28th 2018 I bought $5K in Home Theater equipment from Best Buy Crystal Lake in Illinois and it has been by far the worst and most disrespectful experience I had in a very long time. Before I made the purchase, the day before (Dec 27th) I told the sales consultant Anthony {removed per forum guidelines} that I wanted a 75" TV installed on a solid stone fireplace, with a seamless cable solution and a sound system to accompany. He recommended a Samsung 75” with One Connect because it would have just one small cable that needed to come down from the fireplace. Then he sold a $1K sound bar saying it was the right solution. I told him I wanted installed as soon as possible and he said that the first opening was Jan 5th. On Dec 28thI came back to the store and made the $5K purchase, which, included the Geek Squad delivery and installation. After the purchase was made I was surprised that the first available installation window was only on Jan 11th, his explanation was the between Dec 27that 9:00pm and Dec 28that 2:00pm, they had a very “busy few hours” and everything was filled. I pretended it wasn’t a lie and took it as a sales pitch.


Before I signed the paperwork, I pointed out the installation was on a solid stone fireplace to which he said he checked and the team was equipped for such installations. On Dec 10th, the Geek Squad installation person, Rick {removed per forum guidelines}, called me to confirm the installation and I once again pointed out it was a solid stone fire place because I knew it needs a special drill bit. He confirmed that that it would be fine. On Dec 11th Rick {removed per forum guidelines} arrive, unloaded the TV and sound system boxes and examined the fireplace, saying it would be fine. Then he said that the sound system sold by Anthony {removed per forum guidelines} had two large black cables that needed to be brought down to the floor and would clearly show on the fireplace, that it was the wrong solution and that I should return and get a receiver with speakers. 


I agreed and he started to install the TV rack on the fireplace. After a few minutes and came back and told me that he didn’t have the right tools to this installation (stone drill bit) and that he was going to leave and request a new installation with the right tools. I told him I waited for 2 weeks for this installation, I informed it needed a stone drill bit and I wanted a quick solution. Rick’s response was that he never saw someone with real stone fireplace and assume was fake stone and that someone would call me, and left, leaving all open boxes on my leaving room.


After 4 hours, no one called, I called Best Buy Crystal Lake complaining and their replay was “we’ll ask for our escalation team to call you because we’re just the store” and have no power”. About 30 minutes later someone from escalation team called, told me that he was going to expatiate the new installation (Rick {removed per forum guidelines} not only didn’t reschedule a new delivery but also never mentioned why it was installed, he just left). The escalation rep told me that I would see an installation date for over a week from Jan 11th but not to worry because was just to access the system, he was going to get a sooner date and call me. Another 3 hours, no one calls, I call customer service to complain the rep asks for my information and tell me to wait for two minutes. After 7 minutes the call is transferred back to a new rep that asks all the question again and tell ne that the earliest date was Dec 18thand that the Geek Squad manager refused to talk with me and that was no history of any of the issues on my file. I couldn’t be home o Friday Dec 18thso he reschedule for Saturday. Not once someone from Best Buy called me to apologize or be proactive on the solution, I PAID FOR THE INSTALLATION but I had to call 4 times to reschedule a new installation because NO ONE from Best Buy cared enough after I paid.

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Re: Unprofessional and highly disrespectful Customer Service and Geek Squad Installation Team

Good Morning JK2018,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your home theater purchase. We understand that it was much an investment. It’s disappointing to hear that the original proposed solution may not have worked as expected and the installation didn’t go as planned. We appreciate the time you’ve taken out of your day to post to our community.


While reviewing your concerns in further detail using the information you shared with us upon registering with our community, I can see they’ve reached our Geek Squad Client Care team. Please note this team would be best positioned to help you. Additionally, you have a case manager assigned to help you moving forward. We’re sorry to hear that he might not have reached out to you proactively yet. We’d be happy to forward your post to him for further review and ask that he follows up with you promptly. Please let us know if you don’t hear from him in the next 48 hours and we’d be happy to see what additional assistance we might be able to provide.



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Re: Unprofessional and highly disrespectful Customer Service and Geek Squad Installation Team

The Geek Squad returned on Jan 17th, with the right tools, and did the installation according to our expectations. The local Best Buy store also did a home exchange/return regarding the sound system that same day.


Issue solved.

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Re: Unprofessional and highly disrespectful Customer Service and Geek Squad Installation Team

Hello JK2018,

Welcome back to the forums. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know that this was all worked out. I’m very happy to hear that.

If you ever need help with a future Best Buy purchase or service, please don’t hesitate to reach back out. We’ll do our best to get you the support you need.


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