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Unprofessional and awful experience with delivery

Ordered an entire set of kitchen appliances for a rental property with Best Buy. They refuse to give a 30 minute call ahead to let you know they are coming - they can only give you a two hour window. Took the afternoon off from work and had to skip lunch to be at the rental property at 2:30 pm for the 2:30 to 4:30 delivery window. 


4:30 - Get a call saying that the delivery is delayed and that they will show up at 5:30. They had another appointment before me and refused to swap my slot to relive me from waiting in the empty rental unit. So I continued to sit on the floor hungry waiting for the guys to show up. When I asked to speak with a supervisor to ask for compensation, they said the manager will call back in 10 mins. That did not happen. They stood me up. 


4:40 - I call Best Buy customer service to discuss the issue. 90 minute wait time to talk to an agent. Are you serious? Is it not enough that you have made me wait 2+ hours already? You want me to spend another 90 mins on the phone even before I can talk to someone?


4:45 - I call the store and speak with the sales representative. He reconfirms that they cannot do anything until the delivery is completed. 


5:30 - Still waiting for delivery. 


6:20 - I get a call from the truck driver saying they are on their way and will be at the rental in another 20-30 mins. 


6:40 - They show up and they refuse to do any complementatry installation to make up for the 4+ hour wait.




First of all, you guys have jobs. So you should know what it is like to take time off from work and wait. If you cannot understand this despite being on similar shoes, then this tells the story about your business. 


Second, you should have the common curtoeusy to at least give a shorter ETA so that we can plan properly. You cannot have possibly found out at 4:30 that you are going to miss the delivery window. You should have known it well in advance. So why are are you wasting my time? Why is my time any less valuable than yours? 


Third, follow-up and do what you said you will. Leaving me hanging is not a solution. You only make matters that much worse. It makes me want to go to any every forum available to share my experience so that others do not go through the same nonsense with you. Why would I do repeat business with you? If this is how you treat a paying customer even before the appliance is delivered where I could refuse order and take my money back, how would you treat me in the future when you already have my money? The only reason I did not cancel the order is because the tenants are moving in this night and I really needed the appliance in place. 


I am disgusted by your lack of curteousy and respect for others. It is hard to earn a customer's business and you are doing a terrible job if treating a customer right. 


No, a gift card is NOT the solution to this problem. 


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Re: Unprofessional and awful experience with delivery

Hello RiaRaj,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us on the Best Buy forums. We appreciate your willingness to share this with us and allow us to grow from this experience. 


I would be happy to address each point that you detailed in your post over a private message (PM), if you would select the "Private Message" button to the right of my signature below. 

I will need your full name, phone number, and email address so I can pull up your order and begin to address each of your points. 


I look forward to assisting you.



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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