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Hi there,


I can't find a better place to reach out to voice a complaint. I placed two appliance orderes with BB in the past month. First I ordered a refrigerator in store, was assured it would be delivered the same week, then the night before delivery the delivery date was pushed off by weeks. I had to cancel that order because the delay was unacceptable and would have prevented my family from moving into the house where it was being delivered. I ended up ordering a fridge from Home  Depot instead and it was delivered days later, no problem.


This past weekend I decided to give BB another shot, ordering a washer and dryer. I was given the two hour window the night before delivery--11 to 1--and I left work to meet the truck. At 1 pm I called customer service to see if there was an issue and it turned out the truck had had a significant delay and would be another 30-45 minutes. All told, the truck came at 2 pm and installation took some 30 minutes, so I was not back at work until after 3 pm. When I was back at my office, I saw BB emailed me at 2:30 that the delivery was coming at 2:35 (after they'd left) so that just confirmed that delivery losgistics isn't a strong suit here.


I don't blame the delivery people--they couldn't help that their installs took longer than expected yesterday--but it's absurd that there would be this delay and no update.I had to make two phone calls to BB to get any information and as it was they had to call the truck to see where they were. From these two incidents, it's pretty clear to me that BB is inexperienced in appliance delivery logistics. I was surprised in the first place that they couldn't give me an alert call or email when the truck was on its way but to have a customer sitting vigil for 3 hours with no information is embarrassing and disrespectful. I am glad to have the appliances and the delivery drivers couldnt have been better, but I will not order from or recommend BB to anyone shopping for appliances. 

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Re: Unhappy

Hello, Sronan!


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for reaching out to us! You’ve come to the correct place. Here, we can address any complaints you may have or simply answer any Best Buy related questions!


We appreciate your feedback as this surely is not the experience we intend for our clients. We are grateful you informed us so we can take this and improve from it. I can assure you we can relay this feedback to our delivery partners for the future experiences. I understand that this experience has left a bad taste in your mouth but should you decide to change your mind and shop with us in the future, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other concerns.


Best wishes


Malik|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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