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Unbelievable experience with the return pickup - Still no resolution

I have recently purchased a washer for my tenant and it was installed on 11/19. Our tenant found issues with the washer and they wanted us to return it. I called Best Buy and they processed the return and scheduled the return to be picked up on Saturday (11/28). The agent who processed the return forgot to include the apartment number so the pickup person was unable to pick it up. My tenant was waiting at the apartment from 7 AM to 1 PM and no one showed up because they didn't have the apartment number. I had to call Best Buy again to reschedule the appointment and it was scheduled for 12 noon to 6 PM today (12/2). Our tenant took the day off and he was waiting at the apartment and there is now show or an update as of now (8 PM). They didn't even have a courtesy to call and inform him. I called Best Buy returns number (1-800-452-4868) at 6 PM and they asked me to wait until 7 PM and call them back. I called back at 7 PM and waited on the line for several minutes. The agent was unable to help and asked me to call their delivery vendor JB Hunt directly. While my wife was trying to call JB Hunt, Best Buy agent put me on hold and forwarded me to his supervisor. The supervisor put me on hold for another 20 minutes and came back on the line around 8 PM and said there is nothing he can do and I need to call back again tomorrow and reschedule. I just can't believe it. Between my wife and I we spent around 4 hours on the phone. My tenant has his new washer scheduled to deliver tomorrow and he has no place to keep the Best Buy's washer. This is just unbelievable! It has been a horrible experience. Didn't expect this from Best Buy.
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I Re: Unbelievable experience with the return pickup - Still no resolution

I kept checking my account on and aroud 9:15 PM I have noticed that the pickup scheduled for yesterday got cancelled and the status changed to "schedule for pickup".  I called Bestbuy support and asked the agent (I think she is from offshore as I could barely understand what she is speaking) why my pickup request was cancelled.  She had no clue. She kept telling me that it was never scheduled to be picked up.  I told her that my account on shows that my pickup was cancelled on 12/2 and she said she can't see that information on her side. That is weired. 


I patiently explained her the entire fiasco that has been going on from November 24th and I doubt if she understood anything.  After listening to my entire story for 5 minutes, she said "all I can do is to schedule a pickup again for Sunday".  She doesn't seem to be bothered with all the inconvenience Bestbuy and JB Hunt caused us.  All she was saying is that she can reschedule the pickup. I did schedule it for next Sunday.  have already paid my tenant for the new replacement washer and my refund from Bestbuy is getting delayed  with no fault of mine.  I am hoping someone from Bestbuy reads this post and contacts me.  I

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Re: I Re: Unbelievable experience with the return pickup - Still no resolution

Welcome to our community, preddy.


A washer that is unable to perform as expected would be quite a letdown, and I’m sad to hear that there may have been issues with the pickup return/exchange. It’s not the kind of experience that we want to deliver, and I’m glad that you’ve brought this to our attention. I would be looking for assistance as well, and I would be happy to take a deeper look int our options.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

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