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Unacceptable Service

My wall oven went out on Christmas Eve.  I purchased a new one from Best Buy on December 26th as it had the earliest stated delivery date and it is an oven-- I need it to feed my family!  It was to be delivered on January 2 and installed on January 3.  I have now been on the phone with Best Buy corporate, Best Buy local, and Geek Squad SEVENTEEN TIMES trying to get my oven and get it installed!!!  The installers showed up-- no oven-- Best Buy told them that my oven was delivered and installed already which it obviously wasn't.  They left and it took many calls to figure out that my oven was indeed in my local store.  After HOURS on hold (including sitting in my cold car outside of a restaurant for a work dinner while my husband entertained my boss until I could come in (fear of hanging up and having to start all over at that point made me wait) I was told the oven needed for some stupid reason to be returned and then repurchased in order to try to schedule delivery.  I did so immediately to get things moving as quickly as possible.  I was then told that delivery would be a full week later because they only deliver once a week--I live 2 miles from the store!!  I then asked if I could pick it up myself and they schedule installation ASAP since the oven would be waiting and I was told yes.  WE picked up the oven that barely fit in my car, found neighbors to help us get it inside and now no one will return my calls/emails to get my new installation date.  It has been EXPEDITED but still no new information.  The case manager has not replied to two emails and three phone calls today for information even though she told me to reach out today.   The only reason I purchased from Best Buy was they had the earliest promised delivery date and this is an important appliance!!!  I am beyond disappointed and frustrated with this terrible experience!