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Two days of consistently unprofessional service topped off with an outright deletion of my install?


Quick summary: late installation that was not installed correctly. Then my second item - the installation was outright deleted and no one called to inform me. I do not appreciate the lack of professionalism, respect, or being made to waste my time. 


Saturday 2/2/2019: We make a purhase of both a dishwasher and a microwave. We pay the extra to have it installed by Best Buy service technicans. We coordinate schedules between us and the store and set up and install for Tuesday 2/5/2019 for the dishwasher and Wednesday 2/6/2019 for the microwave. 


Monday 2/4/2019: I receive an automated text message in the morning. I receive a call from a woman at 12:55pm confirming my appointment for Tuesday. I stress that I need everything completed by 5pm as my husband arrives home with my toddler and it is chaos/hectic/I need my kitchen to cook. I also stress that Wednesday's appointment - I have to leave my house by 3:30pm. She is agreeable on both points. 


Tuesday 2/5/2019: I receive automated text message that morning with estmated arrival time (note: this is for the dishwasher, I received nothing for the microwave). I receive a call from the same lady as yesterday - who is in the pickup line at a school picking up her son - at 2:38pm telling me their was a family emergency with my original installer. The new installer will be to my house between 4 and 5pm. I express my condolence about the emergency and stress that the sooner the better. 


5:10pm - no installer, and more importantly, no contact or calls or information. I start trying to call the local store. No answer so I reach out to the 888 line. I get bounced around a few times until I have a person put me on hold and reach out to the "dispatcher" they inform me the installer should be arriving in 20 minutes. It 5:20 at this time. 


5:40pm - I finally receive a call from the installer himself. He's on his way. This is WAY past any scheduled time of service. 


After 6pm - installer finally arrives to install the dishwasher. No greeting, no apologies when I open the door. Just "you ordered a dishwasher?" It is chaos and I'm not paying attention to the install. At one point they ask my husband if we have a spare "hose clamp". No. They finish and hand me their card as I'm trying to get ready to put my toddler to bed. I notice later in the night (after getting son to bed) that the dishwasher is installed crooked. I call the number on the card and he informs me he will get in contact with me tomorrow to stop by and fix it. 


Wednesday 2/6/2019 (Today). 


No automated text message this morning. No calls yesterday from the lady to confirm my appointment time today. I'm already annoyed after the disaster yesterday with the late delivery and faulty install. So I decide today I'm going to be proactive. 


12pm - I call the dishwasher installer to schedule a time for him to come fix the dishwasher he installed. He said another installer is coming to my house today to install the microwave, he called microwave installer, and microwave installer is going to fix my dishwasher. Fine. I'm just happy its getting fixed. 


12:15pm - I start to make calls to find out what order I am on the installation schedule so I can better anticipate when they may arrive (I'm trying to avoid another late installation). I (again) get bounced around to multiple people. One person can't see an install scheduled for me. They transfer me to a 3rd party that handles the installs and she says the store does not have the microwave in stock. I asked why wasn't I informed of this. She did the verbal equivalent of throwing her hands in the air by saying they are just the third party company. 


12:25 - I finally get ahold of someone at the local store. Will keep the employee's name off this for their privacy. I explain that I am being told odd things about the installation that I scheduled back on Saturday at that store. He looks it up and says that the installer canceled the install. And based on the date (which I later confirmed, and have screenshots by looking at my order status online) it was canceled on 2/5. The day before. 


He went in the back and was able to locate and physically touch the microwave. He says its there. More importantly - why wasn't I called. I would have expected a call saying "hey we had to cancel your service, when you would like to reschedule". There was no notes in the account related to why the installation was canceled. 


So now we have: my purchased microwave sitting at the store, me wasting another day sitting at home waiting for an installer....and no installer, appointment...canceled? and no one called me?


This was "escalated  to corporate".


2:10pm - I receive a call from someone from "corporate" - Y. It turns out to be a regional guy who works regularly with all the installers and was rather defensive on their behalf (as compare to me, the customer, or the local Best Buy store). Y states that he  called the installer and the installer  went to the store and was told there wasn't a microwave. I replied with - well X (employee at the store) went into the back and located it, why was the installation canceled, why was it canceled yesterday, and why did no one contact me? I had to track everyone down. He expressed disbelief that the installation was canceled yesterday (tuesday 2/5) and said he would contact the installer to get the other side of the story. I'm just relaying what I was told by X and what I can see with my own eyes on the website. I'm awaiting his call back. 


This is massively disapointing. A huge headache. Why am I, the customer, the one having to make all these calls? Where is the accountability and professionalism? If something happened - I should have been called and informed that they would not be here today. Instead my family and I completely rearranged our schedules this week. I now have a crooked dishwasher and no microwave. 




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Re: Two days of consistently unprofessional service topped off with an outright deletion of my in...

Hi there, Microwave12, 


Thank you so much for taking the time to send us over the details of your experience. That is certainly not the type of experience we want for our customers, and I would love to take a more in-depth look into this for you. So that I can, could you provide me with your order number, phone number, full name, and email via a private message? 


We make sending a private message easy. Simply select the blue button to the right of my signature titled Private Message to get that started. 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Faith|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Two days of consistently unprofessional service topped off with an outright deletion of my in...

I sent a private message yesterday. There was multiple promises of the installer calling me yesterday by 8pm - which did not happen. I would very much like to get this resolved as soon as possible. I have wasted enough time on this.