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Two Times No Show at Appointment for delivery and assembly. This is totally Disrespectful!!!

I made a purchase for a Bowflex treadmill 10, The total price with service was over $2,000.00. The appointment for delivery and installation was for November 11th, 2021. I was delighted and took the first part of the day off work to wait for the delivery.  I called at 2:00pm Geek Squad and after many long holds they said they spoke to dispatch to say they were still in transit. Long story short they never came from 7AM to 1PM as promised. It was 5:00pm and they cancel my appointment with out calling me or notifying me and gave another one for two weeks later on 11/24/2021. 


This was unacceptable and i ended up taking the full day off of work waiting for Best Buy all day. After several calls and hold times including wrong transfers. I spoke to an agent and he offered me compensation and a promise that he will email my case to the Regional Manager and he will contact me next day. I waited a week with no one from Best Buy calling me i called back and after a long time and many reps i finally reached Supervisor Jorge. He mentioned that this will not happen again and for sure my delivery and assembly will be on 11/24/2021 from 7AM to 1PM. He also stated i will receive compensation from all of this mess but when the treadmill is delivered. He also gave me a case number and promised he will be on top of it and follow up himself, again stating his gaurantee that it will for sure be delivered. 


Today is 11/24/2021 and it is 4:20PM Eastern, and no one has called me or has come to my house. Once again i have wasted another day of no work and no pay waiting for Best Buy. I am beyond heartbroken at this point and feel really disrespected. The charge has also posted a few days after the purchase and i still do not have what i ordered. I called Customer Service again and after a long holds and transfers, the latest agent stated she just confirmed that they need to reschedule once again. This is outrageous and ridiculous. I cannot believe this has happened two times and no phone call or text or email from Best Buy. This is really sad and i can say i lost faith in Best Buy. I really do not trust this company anymore. I cannot believe this situation is actually happening, even after a guarantee from a Supervisor. This is very sad and disrespectful. At the end of the call I was not able to get a supervisor nor resolution other than the agent saying they will reschedule me again and "contact me back". At this point i dont know what to do as i do not trust this company that took my money quickly and are not serious in fulfilling my order. I just want the treadmill i paid for and delivered asap, this is beyond ridiculous and for sure will contact the Better Business Bureau to report this. This is wrong!!!!

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Re: Two Times No Show at Appointment for delivery and assembly. This is totally Disrespectful!!!

Hello, gomh16,


Thank you for bringing your recent experience to our attention on the Best Buy forum. I can only imagine how you are feeling after multiple reschedules without receiving your Bowflex treadmill. What you describe is far from the ideal home service that we want for our customers.


I’d like to review this situation in greater detail to see what options are available to assist going forward. To allow me to get started, I will need a little more information from you. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. If you happen to have your order number, that would also be helpful. Keep your information secure by using the private message option. If you are logged into the forum from a PC, you should see it next to my signature below this post. Otherwise, click on my username (Kayla-BBY) to the left of this post to take you to my “About” page. Then, there should be an option to send me a private message under the “Contact Me” section. I look forward to hearing back from you!


All the best,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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