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Treadmill Delivery

Hello, I’m highly disappointed in the BB customer service. I have had three scheduled deliveries for my Treadmill. Something I ordered in December. It is February and I still haven’t seen my treadmill yet. The first appointment, I was never contacted and but received a email saying they were coming in 30 mins. Really. They were a no show. I called customer service they found my order, and rescheduled. The second time it was the weather. However throughout majority of the situation I always had to make connect with BB. Okay so I called to reschedule again, my delivery is suppose to be today however I don’t know who is delivering. BB claims they can’t see the delivery company name, but they can make a appointment. Really! This is poor service BB. Your customer service rep should know the name of the delivery company. I haven’t received a call or email from the delivery company on anything. I want my treadmill. My next step is calling Corporate on Monday. A very unhappy customer. This is ridiculous. You need to get more reliable contract companies because the ones in Raleigh- Garner NC are not great. If I get my delivery today. I will update. I’m so frustrated with BB. I won’t order another application from you.