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Transferring Remote Starter

I have two vehicles that BestBuy had previously installed the Viper Remote Start for me about 7 years ago:
(1) Viper 4204V 2-Way Remote Start on the 2012 Toyota Corolla LE
(2) Viper 4115V 1-Way Remote Start on the 2013 Toyota Corolla LE
I no longer own the 2012 Toyota but I do have the Viper 4204V 2-Way Remote Start taken out from the vehicle. Moving forward, I am considering having the BestBuy Autotech transfer this removed 2-Way Remote Start onto my 2013 Toyota Corolla i.e. after they have taken out the Viper 4115V 1-Way Remote Start from the 2013 Toyota.
Next, I am considering having BestBuy Autotech transfer this to be removed Viper 4115V 1-Way Remote Start onto my other vehicle i.e. 2001 Toyota Sienna LE van.
To be sure that it is feasible to do so, I’d called the Viper Tech Support Line yesterday on 09/01/20 at 1800-645-4994 for their advice. I was informed that it can be done though some installers (i.e. perhaps BestBuy Autotech included) may not want to reuse the wires. If that is the case, can BestBuy Autotech order new wires needed for the respective vehicles and proceed to do the abovementioned work as I have in mind? Thank you!

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Re: Transferring Remote Starter

They should be able to order a new kit.


Considering the price of the new Viper 2 way with free installation you might be better served simply buying a new one.


I mean you will pay the full cost of removal, purchase the new wiring harness (if available), and the full cost of installation.


Did you happen to get a part number from Viper for the wires?


I believe the cost of installation with T Harness is $150

The remote start you have has been discontinued for awhile so if they happen to still have the T harness on hand that might be the cost.


I don' t know how much they would charge for removal but I would expect at least $100

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Re: Transferring Remote Starter

Thank you very much for your feedback and recommendations. The Viper Tech Support did not provide me with the part number for the wires. I was, however, put in contact with their Cusomer Srvice Support who gave me the contact info to the local authorized installer and who carry the Viper parts. So, I did reach out to two of them (Custom Trim of America and Off the Grid Motorsports ) in this area yesterday via messages left on their websites and am awaitng their reply.  


As for considering putting in new 2-way remote start you had recommended, BestBuy seems to carry only the 1-way Viper DS4VB, unless they can order the 2-way for me. If I were to go this route with the 1-way DS4VB and put it in my 2013 Toyota Corolla after taking out the 1-way Viper 4115V that is on it now, would the BestBuy Autotech be ble to program the hand held old 2-way remote (I think is an analog type given its being older unit) from my Viper 4204V to work with the Viper DS4VB given the antenna forthe latter, perhaps, work via digital transmission? Thank you!

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Re: Transferring Remote Starter

Hi there, kn1524,


Thank you for visiting our community forums. A remote start is a great thing to have no matter the season and I can understand wanting to make sure you can get this remote starter installed in your other vehicle. I'd be happy to help answer your questions.


As bobberuchi mentioned, it's likely that a new wiring harness will be needed for this installation. Because this remote start has been removed, I would recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of our AutoTechs. They'll be able to look at the parts you currently have and provide you the most accurate information and what options are available moving forward.


Please let me know if I can help with any other questions!

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