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Third party delivery company refuses to release our items for delivery

I wish I had found these forums before I placed an order for appliances with Best Buy. We have ordered appliances with Home Depot and Lowes and have never experienced such a circus. 


I placed an order in May for a full kitchen of appliances for our new home. They were supposed to be delivered June 28th. I called on June 26th to try to move our delivery to the end of the week. We had not moved into our house and it was still undergoing construction. The person I spoke with at Geek Squad told me that our refrigerator was now on backorder and if I moved my delivery, I would probably lose my appliances and have to wait until the new backorder date. They put me on hold and called the delivery warehouse and confirmed that everything was ready to ship on the 28th and told me I should keep that date.


I got a call on the 27th confirming delivery for the 28th. I then drove out to our vacant house on the 28th and sat in my car and waited for four hours. No one called or showed up. I got an email during the last 10 minutes of my delivery window saying I need to reschedule with no explanation. I sat on hold for over an hour and finally got ahold of someone who told me that our refrigerator was on backorder and that is why they weren't delivered. Even though the person I spoke with on the 26th told me that they confirmed with the warehouse that they did have the refrigerator, this apparently was not correct. I was then told someone from delivery would call me to reschedule. 


No one from delivery has ever called me. I have called Geek Squad every other day and keep getting the same run around about how they are unable to do anything. I had a separate appliance order from Best Buy the following week arrive damaged and received a call from a "Best Buy Delivery Manager" in the US (not India) and was able to get more answers about what is going on.  Apparently the delivery company has not updated the order since the 26th of June. They have it marked as in transit on a truck and won't release it. Apparently because they will not release the order for reschedule, no one can do anything. Best Buy keeps putting in requests for the delivery company to release the other 4 appliances for delivery and the delivery company will not respond. Last I heard today, the delivery company is not accepting any calls and Best Buy can't do anything other than keep trying to call them.


It is so ridiculous that no one can override this or do anything. We have nothing in our new home-- no way to store or make food until we get our appliances. I feel like the delivery company is just holding our appliances hostage. I was told I cannot even cancel the order if I wanted to and order somewhere else because Best Buy cannot change or edit the order until the delivery is released.


The worst part? Best Buy has done NOTHING to help. They have not offered me anything for this nightmare of a delivery situation and I cannot even get my $500 in gift cards that were part of the Memorial Day promotion until the delivery happens. We were hoping to use the gift cards that toward other items for our new home that we have now had to buy. How does this even happen? 

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Re: Third party delivery company refuses to release our items for delivery

Hey there, ellejohn!


Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. Getting a new appliance set can be an important and exciting purchase, and I can understand being eager for your order to arrive. I am happy to look into this further! 


To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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