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Thermador delay

I ordered several thermador appliances back in November 2020 and I understood that there would be a delay on the items due to COVID. While almost all of my purchased items have been delivered there is still one item, a gas range, that no one can give me an answer as to why it is still delayed. The answer I’m getting is that it’s the manufacturer who’s delaying it. From what it seems there’s a 3-5 month delay for a lot of thermador products however I’m nearing 10 months now. Before I was following up with my sales rep at pacific sales who was great but he no longer works there and so now I’m more in the dark about where my gas range is now and the last time I called pacific sales the customer service person told me they could set me a date bc the system says it can be delivered but when I asked if it had been received they wouldn’t give me a yes or no just kept repeating that the system says it can be delivered. That was 2 months ago and since then my delivery date is getting rescheduled by Best Buy because it hasn’t been received and so it can’t be delivered. I have a remodel that is still waiting on this piece and school is starting soon for the kids. I am just trying to be patient but definitely frustrated that I can’t even get a reason why the range is being delayed for so long.
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Re: Thermador delay

These special order models are put into production once thermador received enough commitments from retailers. While the 3-5 month estimate is an average, less common models can take even longer. That’s not to say these are inferior, it’s usually just a less common size/feature set/power configuration than the more frequent ones. I can say it’s frustrating from our side not being able to lock down a date, but promising and missing a scheduled appointment is worse in my opinion. There are other companies that say “you’ll have xxxx number on xxxx date” then completely miss it. Of course, that trickles down and we end up in that worse situation.

Having said all that, parts and electronics seem to finally be stabilizing. Some things are still problems, but not like they were. Hopefully production just takes off and all these weird supply chain issues will just end. It’s frustrating when we miss a sale because we can’t get the item, there are things we would literally take everything the manufacturer would sell us if they had them to give.
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Re: Thermador delay

Hello, Sayhsieh,


Welcome to our community forums. Having been without major appliances before, I know that any sort of delay can be a major experience. I know if I were in your shoes I would want to have an idea of when this delivery could be completed so you can begin your renovation. While I can't guarantee I may be able to provide a timeline on when this will be available, I would be glad to check to see if I can provide any additional details or information.


I will need a bit more information so I can begin to review this for you. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post across from my name. I'll keep an eye out for your response. 

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