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Thermador Delay - 11months and counting

We purchased 25k worth of new appliances: Column Ref/Freezers, dishwasher and Pro-Grand range with Inductions June 2021. After many delays the dishwasher and columns arrived by my 11k Range has been delayed about 5-6 times. The current estimation is July 2022.  I am extremely dissappointed at the response of best buy.  They have taken my money in full and I still do not have anything to cook with.  There delays have caused me fees with contractors I have had to put on hold due to misleading and wrong delivery dates.  The best buy sales associate who is nice has been unable to assist me in any way.  I truly hope corportate will contact me as I have tried to call but alway end up on hold and then the phone hangs up!


This is one of the only stores I know that takes your money in full without providing the merchandise!



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Re: Thermador Delay - 11months and counting

Hey, girapatel2,


Welcome to our Community Forums. 


We appreciate reaching out to share feedback about your experience with the Thermador appliances order. Any ongoing delay is never ideal. As such we can understand your disappointment and your quest for some answers and support. 


While we rely on estimated dates provided by our fulfilling partners, we cannot make guarantees when your stove will be available. We can review your order and see if there’s any additional information we can gather for you. To do so, we ask that you send over a Private Message with your:


*Full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Order number.


Click the blue button next to my signature to send the message to ensure your information remains private from the public view. We look forward to hearing back. 



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