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Thermador Appliance now expected more than 1 year from order!!!

I am beyond frustrated with how Best Buy / Pacific Sales Kitchen has communicated with us and handled our order of close to $50k dollars worth of Thermador appliances in May of 2021.


Our order included, a range, a dishwasher, a vent/hood, a refridgerator and a freezer column.


The initial delivery date was scheduled for 


  • At the store delivery sheduled for June of 2021
  • Two days before scheduled delivery it was pushed to Aug of 2021
  • In July pushed to Sept of 2021
  • In September pushed to Oct of 2021
  • Oct 16th my dishwasher, refridgerator and freezer were delivered, range and hood/vent are rescheduled to Jan of 2022
  • Dec 2021 - range/ and hood/vent are rescheduled to Mar 2022
  • Jan 1st - Got a call from best buy to confirm delivery Jan 3rd
  • Jan 3rd  - Vent/Hood delivered
  • Jan - Range ETA now April/May 2022

I have now been without a range (oven and cooktop) for 9 months and my order is not expected to be fulfilled until a year past its order.


I have called Best Buy/Pacific Sales multiple times to obtain more information only to repeatedly told they dont know and to subsequently have my ETA pushed further out. I am beyond frustrated with Best Buys response - there has bene very rarely an apology, no attempt at any type of consideration for my inconvenience. And to make matters worse per this board i am seeing accounts of folks ordering the EXACT model of my range AFTER i ordered but having alraedy received it!!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE.


I have even called Thermador directly to inquire into the status of my PO - simple things such as whether the parts were on order or in stock and where my PO was in the Assy Line. These are basic questions for any manufacturing facility which can easily be obtain through an SAP system. Thermadoor states they do have the information but it can only be provided by Best Buy. When I called Best Buy back to state this I am told they can not get that information for me.


I now have  giant cut out in the middle of my kitchen with NO WAY to cook meals for my family using an oven/cooktop. I orderd the appliance (and $40k of other appliances) in May of 2021 it is now January of 2022 - 8 months!!!! And I am being told I will not have my appliance until May of 2022 - 12 months. I understand COVID is impacting everyone but this is incompetence and horrible customer service.


I am beyond my patience at this point.


Best Buy SHOULD NOT have accepted our order and SHOULD NOT be accepting additional orders for Thermador appliances. This is the responsible thing to do. I will be posting this in multiple areas to warn other potential consumers.




Please look into this matter for me.


A very disgruntled customer.


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Re: Thermador Appliance now expected more than 1 year from order!!!

Hello, ssidelnikov,


Thanks for joining our community forums. Purchasing new appliances should be an exciting experience but having to wait months is never great. I would be happy to look into this situation and help any way I can. Please private message me your full name, phone number, and email address.



Aaron G|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Thermador Appliance now expected more than 1 year from order!!!

I wanted to provide a new update... We are now being told our range delivery will not be until SEPTEMBER of 2022.


THIS IS UNNACCEPTABLE and absolutely ridiculous. This would put our range at a 16 MONTH lead time!!! 

Best buy you should be ashamed of yourselves for continuing to accept POs with Thermador. 


BUYERS BEWARE and take your business elsehwere.

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Re: Thermador Appliance now expected more than 1 year from order!!!

I appreicate that you shared your experience with the community. We have purchase the Thermador suite since July 4th last year. We still have not got the range delivered. It has been 11 months!!!! Now, we can't even schedule a delivery date online for our range. When we call the customer service, they can't even schedule for delivery because they don't know when the range will be available. It has been the worst customer service that we ever had!! 

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Re: Thermador Appliance now expected more than 1 year from order!!!

Hello, mtsai688.

Thank you for sharing your experience with your purchase here on the forums.  I would be more than happy to look into your order and offer any assistance that I can.   To start, would you mind using the "Private Message" button in my signature to send me your full name, email address, and phone number?  I look forward to hearing from you!




Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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