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Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really frustrated with how Best Buy has handled our order and we still don't have all the delivery. 


We ordered close to $40K worth of Thermador appliances on March 2022. 


Our order included, range, range hood, microwa, warmer, dishwasher, refridgerator and wine cooler


We have been told that Thermadore applicances has backorder and anywhere from 3-4 months is how long it will take for delivery.  After many many calls and escalations we got most of our orders after sever months around November 2022. 


Now we are stuck with the kitchen hood delivery date.  After many escalations we have been told that the delivery will happen on 1/18/2023 morning.  I also called the BB Support for confirmation.  I got the positive response that everything will be delivered on 1/18/2023 morning.


But Bestbuy did it again and sent us a text on the morning that they will not be able to deliver due to some "issues".  After waiting for 2 hours on phone, we got the response that the hood was never yet delivered by the Thermadore yet.  My question is how come we got the delivery scheduled if it's never received.  This is a utter chaos and frustration.  


I am going to visit store to figure out what's going on but seriously BEST BUY - IS THIS A JOKE? Are you guys serious? I have paid $26K at the time this order was placed.  My kitchen is in place, but I am unable to cook as there are no hood. I am eating from outside for past 10 months.  Does Best buy going to reimburse me for all the restaurant bills.  



We ordered the appliance on March 2022 - It's January 2023 - 10 months! I understand there is a supply issue but, this is just total incompetence. They didn't even give me a phone call. This re-scheduling has happened at least 5 times. I am reaching the end of our patience at this point so I would really appreciate if someone can look into this.

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Re: Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Chait2k, 


Thank you for joining our Forums' Community. I understand why you be upset with your Thermador Appliance experience. As a former Appliances Specialist, those premium appliances purchase can take time. Everyone relies on Thermador to send they those appliances in a timely manner. I'm blaming or point fingers. This just my experience from my time as an appliance specialist. Allow to see what's possible. I can take second look at this matter to see if anything is possible, please send a private message, blue button near my name and provide the following. 

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Order Number


Here to assist, 

Jakoma|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This topic has been moved to its own thread under the board Delivery & Installation for further review.