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Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!

I am really frustrated with how Best Buy / Pacific Sales Kitchen has handled our order and we still don't have delivery. 


We ordered $10K worth of Thermador appliances on Nov 8th, 2020 


Our order included, range top, microwave/oven combo and a dishwasher.


The initial delivery date was scheduled for 


  • At the store delivery sheduled for Nov 18th 2020
  • On Nov 14th - Re-scheduled to Jan 26th 2021
  • Nov 19th - got email that Double Oven is taking longer to arrive - 
  • Nov 21st - The Cooktop is re-scheduled to deliver on Dec 8th 2020 
  • Dec 8th, 2020 - Cooktop received but Dishwasher, Microwave/Oven ETA is Jan 28th, 2021
  • Jan 25th - Got a call from best buy to confirm delivery
    • Later same day receive email  that delivery needs to be re-scheduled
    • Called best buy and re-scheduled delivery re-scheduled to Mar 22nd 2021 for microwave/oven & dishwasher
    • Opened a case as well due to delays
  • Jan 28th - Delivery doesn't show, and received call from Installer -- who I had to inform that delivery is re-scheduled so don't come
  • Jan 28th - Call best buy again and learned that when I called them on Jan 25th - they didn't really schedule the delivery correctly, appliance will be in warehouse end of March so re-scheduled delivery to March 31st
  • March 28th, received call from scheduling company to confirm delivery window for Wednesday March 31st (2 days before)
  • Today is March 29th, and I received email from Best buy Delivery confirmed for May 8th - this again is now 1+ month delay


Now I will call them again tomorrow or visit store to figure out what's going on but seriously BEST BUY - IS THIS A JOKE? Are you guys serious? I have paid 10K at the time this order was placed - you guys delivered just the cooktop. We currently have an empty cut out and no microwave oven in our home for last 5 months! 


We ordered the appliance on November 8th 2020 - It's March 29th 2021 - 5 months! I understand it's covid times but, this is just total incompetence. How can you guys call two days before delivery and the same day send email that appointment confirmed for May 8th - there was no even a phone call. This re-scheduling has happened for the 3rd time and every time the delay is like 2 months. I am reaching the end of our patience at this point so I would really appreciate if someone can look into this. 




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Re: Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!

Got the call today from BB today and now they've re-scheduled yet again for April 30th. The excuse I've been given is vendor is delayed. 

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Re: Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!

Hello, mmange,


Welcome to our online community. It is always nice to welcome a new member, although I wish the circumstances that brought you here were related to a positive experience. It sounds like you selected some great appliances for your kitchen, and we’re honored that you chose Best Buy for the investment. I’m sure you’re eager for the new appliances to arrive.


Our goal is to complete services on the scheduled date, however there may be factors that could cause unexpected delays, despite our best efforts. Based on what you’ve said, your appliances have been rescheduled multiple times, and the notifications did not come in a timely manner. That is not the type of experience we would want for our customers. I would be happy to review the order details, as well as provide any support I’m able.


To proceed, I will first need to verify some of your personal information. Please send a Private Message with your full name, email address, and telephone number. Once received, I will be permitted access to the order history, which may provide additional insight.  



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Thermador Appliance Delivery Delay!!!!

Hi All, 


So we finally got our delivery on April 30th. We are happy to have received our appliances and closing this chapter. In the end the whole experience could've been much better but, I think once we started the conversation w/ BBY via this forum and also phone system, the quality of updates from them got better. They also comp'd us via Gift card based on the delay and the experience which we appreciated. 


Overall, we would not let this experience deter us from ever visiting BBY again since, speaking with the Sales Rep in person, I did learn that there were many people experiencing these delays due to the Supply issues, Chip Shortages, Everyone Remodeling and Covid related backlog. We purchased a Washer/Dryer from BBY recently in May and got delivery in just 2 days and a smooth experience so it's obviosly the appliance type and manufacturer also matter. Yes, I think the overall communication and experience could've been better and I am hoping BBY is listening, learning and getting better.


If you're stuck in these delays, my advice - just hang in there, they'll eventually arrive. Try to communicate via the Reps on this forum as I think that helped get more visibility into what's happening. 


Good luck! 


Thanks BBY for finally delivering and the Gift Card to make up for the trouble.