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The most horrible experience ever!!!

The most horrible experience ever. I bought washer, dryer and refrigerator, but I received only the washer and dryer on the delivery day. 

I spent whole day trying to reach best buy representatives, but they were playing with me, transferring the line to the other colleagues, and they were promising that the refrigerator will come,  ensuring me it will come by the end of the day, but IT NEVER DID. In total I spent over 7 hours on the phone trying to reach the correct

Next day, they said according to their records, the refrigerator was delivered, but also they knew it wasn't?!? And it was not possible to get it to me that day, even though it was in transit the previous day!!!

They rescheduled it for Thursday, but I had 0 expectations that it will actually get here on time.

I was still without the fridge with the 1year old baby and it's been 3 days...

Also, I asked for temporary fridge but that was not an option that best buy can offer.

I can't believe how many lies I heard from the on call "support " people. 

Finally, after 3 days without refrigerator, they delivered but after 5 min of the complete delivery the delivery guys walked into my house again on their own and asked me to wait for a call from BestBuy. I received a call from BestBuy that they want to take my refrigerator because in their system they can see that the refrigerator was delivered on Monday. I spent 20 min to explain the situation - even the delivery note said “There will be no return as this was completed in error”, but the lady on the phone was ignoring anything that I said and kept repeating that she has strict instructions from her manager to take the fridge back. I had to hang up the phone and to kindly ask the delivery guys to leave my house.

I didn’t receive any apology or anything that would address this terrible experience, even though they promised after the first failed delivery that they will call me to make a claim because they didn’t let me make it until the final delivery was completed.

I chose BestBuy over Costco because of shortest delivery time, but it was my biggest mistake.

I will never buy anything from BestBuy again.


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Re: The most horrible experience ever!!!

Hi there,


Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the issues that you had with your delivery. I can certainly understand your frustrations with this delivery as I know how important it is to have a working refrigerator in your home. I would be happy to assist you in anyway that I can, and just need some information from you in order to further assist.

Would you mind sending us a private message with the name, phone number, and email address that is associated with your order?



Alexis|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: The most horrible experience ever!!!

Hi Alexis, I would like to send you a private message, can you tell me what phone or email I should use to send it? Because I tried sending it to few support accounts and there was no response.