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The WORST experience I have ever had

To whom this may concern,

Let me preface this by saying, I’m not one to complain. This was my first purchase with best buy and I was very happy to find a good TV on a television that I loved.

I purchased the television on 12/12/18. I scheduled the delivery date originally for December 26th between 7am-1pm. I traveled across state at 5 am that day to make sure I was there at my apartment in case I was the first delivery at 7am. I was notified later that morning, at approximately 11am, that my item was not in stock and that I would need to reschedule. I find it very hard to believe that the day after Christmas was the first time this issue was noticed, as I doubt anything ships on Christmas day, so a preemptive phone call notifying me the delivery would not be happening would have been appreciated. I simply rescheduled and chalked it up to the holiday season.

January 2nd rolls around, the day I rescheduled my TV delivery. I take the day off of work to make sure I am available for the TV delivery since the first day didn’t work out. I wake up eager to check the appointment schedule. The delivery was scheduled between 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. By 1:30 pm with no delivery or notification that the TV was NOT going to be delivered, I reluctantly called customer service to discuss why again I was cancelled and why I received NO notification.

Here starts customer service, and I get it, everyone is busy, but this is truly the cherry on top. Originally, I am on hold for 12 minutes before I reach the first person, who says they need to redirect my call to “the warehouse” to determine what the issue was with the delivery. Another 15 minutes rolls by before the service member says he then need to contact the “delivery team.” On rolls another 25 minutes before I get an answer as to why my TV was both not delivered and not notified which was simply “it was a mistake on our end.” The conversation ended with the response that I would be receiving a phone call within the hour from a supervisor. Kept my phone on loud the rest of the day and didn’t hear anything from any Best Buy employee. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in how my transaction with best buy has continued thus far. Not only do I not know when I’m to expect my TV, I don’t have an answer as to what went wrong today and what is going to be done to rectify the situation. I received a text message that I would then get the delivery that Saturday.

So the next day I call again as I didn’t receive a phone call from the “escalation” team. Now for the THIRD TIME my order was canceled and I was bounced to pick another day for my TV delivery, again having to be the one to discover and attempt to call Best Buy.

In comes Customer service: (porsha, Tom, will, Ashely (2x both of which resulted in me being hung up on) as well as a handful of others I can’t remember. I have had to explain my story 5 different times to someone who tells me they need to redirect my call. I have no answers. As I was put on hold and the call was dropped 3x.

This is absolutely not the proper way to do business on a 600 hundred dollar TV.

I have taken off work, driven across state, changed plans and bent backwards to have this TV Delivered. I ordered it December 12. In addition to the time commitment I’ve spent waiting on a delivery that never came I’ve spent hours dealing with customer service to never find a resolution.

I’d rather pay double the price at a competitor than deal with Best Buy again.
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Re: The WORST experience I have ever had

I’m reaching out on this forum because I have no way of emailing the company. I’m expected to pay my credit card bill sooner than I received the merchandise and I still have zero answers as to the perguatory my Samsung TV currently resides.