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The WORST Delivery service

Someone from Best Buy needs to get back to me. I ordered a delivery & installation for a washer/dryer. Initially, it was set for this past Monday with a 4 hour window. Sure ok, I'll wait, I understand how these delivery windows can be. I'm newly moved, so I've had to schedule many services with similar situations. My delivery window on Monday came and went. Finally, I got a call on the last hour saying how the delivery was not going to happen and that I had to call customer service to reschedule. For some reason, I couldn't reschedule with the person who called to cancel. But ok, fine. I call. I have to wait for 45 min before I give up to speaking with a human, so I do it with the automated computer. The next available slot was for Thursday. Another 4 hour slot. The time frame, again, came and went. NO DELIVERY. But this time I didnt even get a courtesy call. No call at all. So I call, again. This time I stay on hold. I need to speak with someone who can explain what is happening. I have now been on hold for 2.5 hrs. I understand it's the holiday season, and there's an influx on orders, but are there only 2 people working in customer service over at Best Buy? What is happening?????? I just need some type of status and confirmation that a delivery and installation is happening. I set my day apart to make time for this. This will now be the 3rd attempt to schedule this. 3 times too many. At this point I will cancel my entire order and get my appliances elsewhere. Someone please explain to me what is happening.

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Re: The WORST Delivery service

Hello kozifam,


Thank you for making us aware of the experience that you had. I do apologize for the delay in a response, given the volume we are receiving for the holiday season, responses have been a bit delayed. To have two scheduled appointments and not have your washer and dryer is definitely not the type of situation that we would want you to experience with us. I'd be glad to look into this for you.


Could you please utilize the "Private Message" link in my signature below, and provide me with your full name, phone number, and email address? 



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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