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Thanksgiving Order Woes

On black Friday my husband and I ordered new applicances for our kitchen. We ordered a Samsung refrigerator, microwave, range and dishwasher. This order was placed on The order was placed and that part went well. The headaches started with scheduling delivery. I think our delivery was rescheduled around 5-6 times. At first everything was aschedule to be delivered around 12/22-12/24. The that got pushed out to 12/26.


I started getting phone calls about the deliveries being changed from your reps. The amount or reschedules drove me crazy. I had to push off holiday activities with my family to make room for deliveries that never matured. Every rep I spoke to was sorry and apologized to me about what was going on. The dishwasher was brought to the house and was dented. So that was returned and reordered. The refrigerator was installed first. Then came the range and the micorwave. I stopped in best buy to get something and I asked about the dishwasher. The employee told me it was on back order and the warehouse said it would be available in February.


Needless to say I'm livid. No one told us anything about it being on backorder. No emails or phone calls were made to tell us what was going on which is insane. We spent well over $2k on these applicance and no one was willing to tell what was going on. I ended up canceling the original dishwasher because waiting 3 months after making that purchase was crazy to us. As soon as I made the new purchase the dishwasher was delivered the following week.


Now don't get me wrong, I've referred people and spent a good amount of money in your store but this whole delivery/installation period changed my mind. It shouldn't be this hard to communicate important details. Like I said before we missed out on family festivites and I missed a few hours of work behind this.  It was pretty much a nightmare.


Yes the applicance look great but look what it cost us outside of money. AND I had an employee tell me if I am to order applicances again do it instore because the instore and online systems are seperate and they can't modify those orders. It seems crazy to me that a store as big as yours has problems with its brick and mortar ordering and ecommerce ordering.


As I stated earlier every rep said somoene would contact me about my experience and that has yet to happen so there you have it. Great appliance but not so great customer service.

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Re: Thanksgiving Order Woes

Good Morning hamiltonrh,


Thank you for your purchase with Best buy and for reaching out to us about your situation. I do apologize for what you have been through and I want to see how we can turn this experience around for you.


In order to look more into your issues I would need some additional information.Please send us your full name, phone number, and email address in a private message. This can be done by clicking on the private message button after my signature.  Hope to hear from you soon. 😊

Tracy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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