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Terrible experience with delivery service and damage to home

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I purchased a refrigerator and dishwasher from Best Buy. Delivery was scheduled for Saturday Morning, Nov 17th, betweeen 7 am and noon. I received a call Saturday to reschedule me from noon to 5 the same day. 5 PM came and went, so I called my local Best Buy to check what was happening. Nothing showed in the system as to a reason why, so she said she would check and call me back. I received a call back and she said it just needed to be rescheduled and was apologetic and assured me that I would be compensated for being a loyal Best Buy Customer. Rescheduled for the the following Tuesday, the 20th. 2 days before Thanksgiving. Entire day wasted at home waiting for arrival.


Tuesday I get the call that they are on the way. The crew arrives and informs me that they will be unable to remove my old fridge, but could move it to the side of my kitchen and install the new fridge. Thats weird, but whatever, I cant have all my Thanksgiving food go bad waiting for the new fridge to cool.


They start removing the old fridge and dishwasher. Well, not sure if they forgot to shut the water off, but there was water leaking everywhere under my sink and the water inlet for the fridge. Everywhere. I had to give them tons of towels to soak up the mess. The water under the sink was so much that the wood base under the sink had to be ripped out. I was informed that they had to replace both shutoff valves at an additonal cost. Fine, Im sure this was just a ruse and why they flooded my house. there were wet towels everywhere, they had thrown cleaning products all over my floor becasue they were using the containers to catch water. I was trying to use every towel to keep my floors from being damaged, while they are just trying to put the dishwasher and fridge in place while there is still water on the floor.


Everything was installed, but they put a screw through my countertop installing the dishwasher and gashed my floors moving the appliances around.


Nani {removed per forum guidelines} was my original escalation person, but I have left her several messages without a return call. Each time I call I get some different rude person making me feel like I am being stupid that my home was damaged and it took me 2 wasted days at home waiting on this install.


Perhaps this attempt to get someone to contact me will get a response since calling derectly simply does nothing.



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Re: Terrible experience with delivery service and damage to home

Hello, abrenkus-
Welcome to Best Buy online community, although I wish your visit was under more fortunate events.  Whenever our customers choose to purchase their appliances with Best Buy, we’re hopeful they’ll have a positive experience with their delivery.  Discovering you have found damage to your home after the delivery of your refrigerator and dishwasher is truly disappointing, and I apologize for the frustration this experience has caused.   


If you have not already done so, I would recommend contacting Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., as they are the insurance company that underwrites Best Buy claims for property damage that may occur during home deliveries or installations.  You ask them to create a claim with Sedgwick by calling 1-800-620-7409, to begin the claim process.

I would like to review your account and see how I can assist you in connecting with Nani. In order to do so, please send me a private message with your name, email address, and phone number. To send me a private message, log into the forum and select the 'Private Message' option from my signature. 


Thank you,


Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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