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Terrible experience resolving problems

Don't go to Best Buy for their customer service!  I was burned by Best Buy about two years ago with a computer purchase being diverted by an in store employee and sold to someone else ruining a birthday surprise.  Because of my weakness, I returned to the lure and ease of Best Buy and was burned again.  I blame no one but myself but I will not make a major purchase from Best Buy again.   At the end of October the refrigerator in our new home died, so we needed a new refrigerator fast.  We found the model we wanted at our local Best Buy and made the purchase. They were able to schedule a delivery in two days (awesome, right!?).  The refrigerator arrives and is damaged but functional.  The delivery men state a new door can be delivered and the door replaced in home in 7 days.  Sounds okay.  On the seventh day, two hours before the appointment window (time I had to take off of work) we get a call from the delivery department.  The door has not arrived from the factory and they were unable make the repair.  We were rescheduled for another week (for Friday, the day after Thanksgiving).  Not ideal but we want to get the repair completed, so we modify our holiday plans to be home for the repair.  At about 10am we get our email confirmation for the delivery happening.  My family and guest leave for their day and I stay home.  Forty minutes later I see another email for our "new appointment" scheduled for another week.  What?  I call and spend 40 min explaining and transfering around and am now quite disappointed. The delivery is scheduled for a time that, if it didnt happen, we are now outside the return window.  I end up going into the store and speaking to a manager of the store where I purchased the refrigerator.  Everyone states it isnt there problem, that they didn't cause the problem, that they weren't responsible, that I called corporate, or delivery service, or the store - as if they were not all the same Best Buy.  I am frustrated and angry and dont want to deal with people who dont care about making a major purchase correct.  I was then offered an exchange for another refirigerator and my "case was elevated" to Dean.  Dean was very gracious and seemed helpful.  He stated that this should have been elevated to him earlier and that he would like to make amends for the poor customer service, communication, and disregard for my time. However, he would have to wait until the order was delivered and complete before doing so.  We were able to get the order completed (which went well when it finally happened). About two days later I get a phone call message from Dean and I try and call him back.  Over the course of the next three weeks I call several times and am told Dean is on another line and will call me back.  Never revceived another call back.  I call yesterday and once again I am told he is on the phone and will call me back- no phone call/no message.  I call today and explain everything again.  I say I do not want to wait for Dean can someone else help me.  The rep says yes and after being on hold for 10 min while they look up my account we are disconnected or I am hung up on.  I wait 15 min for a call back.  No call back.  SO, I call again.  This time I explain everything and am offered $100 check for the bad experience and my time.  I appreciate the gesture however, I am supposed to be a Best Buy Elite Member, I could have purchased the same exact refrigerator from another store that offers a 10% discount I qualify for (a $250 value) but I chose Best Buy because they were supposed to be easier to work with.  This experince certainly has taught me otherwise.  Their disregard for customers time, their poor communication, and their poor customer service, even from their "elevated" customer service managers, has convinced me that I was foolish for returning to Best Buy for anything.  Buyer Beware.  Go somewhere else to avoid the headache of a bad experience.