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Terrible experience from START to NOT YET FINISHED for 6 months

I dont even know where to begin are the bullet points on a purchase of $5,000 on September 7.  Terrible Customer Serivce ...TERRIBLE DELIVERY PEOPLE ... I would NEVER recommend your store to anyone I know!!


September 7 2020 ....Purchase 4 Kitchen Aid appliances ..scheduled October 22 Delivery date

October 7 TXT ....just stating Delay of order ...NO explaination no please call us ...NOTHING

October 8 TXT ...reminder of my October 22 delivery....WHAT????

October 20 TXT (2) ...Sorry Delay

October 20 TXT ....I called and rescheduled delivery refrigerator was unavailable and they were holding up everything to deliver everything at the same time....During the call Customer Service split the order... I rescheduled the refrigerator delivery for November 18.  She told me ADSOLUTELY the refrigerator would be delivered on that date...HA

October 22 ... Originial delivery date....I needed a plumber to install a gas line for the new stove ....had to cancel him and reschedule him because of the delay (i was going from electric to gas).

October 20 ....I rescheduled the other appliances for delivery on Nov 4

October 20 TXT ...confirming Nov 4 delivery date

Nov 1...TXT ...reminder of Nov 4 delivery

Nov 3 ....Plumber installed my gas line for the new stove ...this company has a 5 star rating...and 2 years before installed a new furnace in my house.

Nov 4 ...Delivery ....WHAT A MESS....the guy didnt know how to hook the new stove up to the gas daughter needed to run to Home Depot to try to get "the right" piece of pipe...which turns out for the installer was not right....she bought 7 different pieces (with the aid of the person at Home Depot.)  None of them worked for him......After about 30 minutes I told him to leave it ...I would call my plumber back...AFTER I paid for Best Buy Installation!!!! It took my plumber 2 minutes to hook it up....with one  of the pieces my daughter purchased!!  The bottom drawer on the stove didnt close.....they didnt seem to care ......THEN there was the dishwasher .....Holy Cow....the dishwasher had a HUGE dent in the front....they INSTALLED it anyway.....told me to call BEST BUY WASNT THEIR FAULT.....when they asked me to sign for the delivery....NONE of the above was on the form....I ADDED IT!!!  I called Best Buy before they even your credit....I must say...they exchanged the dishwasher no problem.  Thankfully there wasnt an issue with the microwave.

Nov ....I called Best Buy...since the drawer on the stove would not close properly...again to their credit...they said they would replace it problem.   HOWEVER,  the day the new stove was delivered....they brought it into my house .. and LEFT IT IN THE BOX IN THE MIDDLE OF MY KITCHEN FLOOR....took the old one away ...AND TOLD ME THEY DIDNT HAVE INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL IT .....and left!!!! AGAIN I HAD TO CALL MY PLUMBER to reinstall a stove that I PAID BEST BUY FOR INSTALLATION!!!!

AND I CALLED THE CUSTOMER SERIVCE LINE THAT DAY ....she told me she would try to help me....she called ...she told me 4 different numbers...NO ONE PICKED UP at those numbers...which she said she was surprised about....I dont think I was all that suprised.....BUT she ASSURED me that SOMEONE would FOLLOW UP WITH ME....what do you think at this point....OF COURSE NO ONE DID!!!!

Nov 18 TXT date for my refrigerator ....that I bought on September 7 ....8:25 AM ..Agent on the way

Nov18 TXT ....8:25 AM (EXACT same time as the above message) Sorry Delay...they didnt know before that morning!

Nov 18 TXT .... 9:34 Agent arrival between 7 and 1....really ....who is running delivery services?

Nov 18 .... called to reschedule refrigaterator delivery ...January 6 ....again ....ABSOLUTELY it will be there ...I was told!!

Dec 23 TXT ...reminder for appt on 12/23 ....WHAT? I am STUNTED by the sloppiness and incompentence.

Jan 6 .....NOT A WORD ABOUT MY REFRIGERATOR .....NOT ONE WORD!!!!  Of course, I CALLED BEST BUY....and was told that they had NOTHING on their records for me......I WAS SO FRUSTRATED I JUST HUNG UP ...


I consider myself a pretty patient person....I know the people answering the phone and delivering stuff....are not the people in charge and making decisions on how the organization is being run....that is on YOU AFTER READING THIS!!!!! 


I havent called back about my refrigerator plan is to find the refriagerator I want and cancel the refrigerator I bought from you.....I just needed to get this out there....PLEASE PEOPLE DONT BUY FROM THEM......










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Re: Terrible experience from START to NOT YET FINISHED for 6 months

Hello, Lyndafbeam,


Thank you for joining our online community and posting on our forum. It saddens me to hear about the details of your interactions with Best Buy the past few months, as this is far from the experience we want our customers to have when it comes to any purchase - especially if it's as important as kitchen appliances. I can imagine the frustrations and inconveniences you've faced between delivery delays and installation issues. I'm hoping I can provide the support you've been looking for with this situation now.

I'd like the chance to look into your order and case history with us. To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, order number, and if you have ended up cancelling your refrigerator order yet. In addition, were you able to receive a refund or credit for the stove installation fee? You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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