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Terrible Service

I have had by far the worst experience with Best Buy agents ever after having had a terrible experience with a delivery and attempted haul away of a washer I purchased from Best Buy.


I have been misled, and would even go as far as to say lied to, several times.


Before I start writing to Best Buy's Chief Customer Offices, Allison Peterson and CEO, Corie Barry, I'd like to TALK to someone on how to resolve my issue.


Here are details of my experience:

09/15 delivery company tried to find every excuse to not deliver the purchased washer.  They were saying the item would not fit down the stairs to the basement despit me having the old unit by the same manufacturer which was the same exact size there.  They were allegedly concerned with a small moulding a the top of the I removed it.  Then they said that they would not install it because they were not going to unstack my old unit despite me having paid for the haul away of the old which would require them disconneting it.  I had to unstack my old items and disconnect myself.  Then, hte next excuse was that there was still water running so they could not install the new washer.  I showed them the water had been turned off...that it was probably just water still draining out since we were at the lowest point of the house.  They said they could not wait and left without installing or hauling away.  So I had to remove the old and install the new myself and then much for the "Professional Service" i ws supposed to get.

I used the chat service for customer service.  Michael G. came with what I now know to be the standard apology used by Best Buy agents.  I was promised a $50 Gift Card for the inconvenience and the haul away to be rescheduled for 09/22 between 9am and 1pm...the gift card was never emailed


09/22 Did not go to the office so I could wait for the haul away to take place.  At around 130pm I called to see what was going on.  Was told the truck broke down and that they were sending another and to be patient as they would be coming by 2pm...Got an email that they would not be coming until 325pm.  Called again and was able to get the number to the delivery/service provider who advised that they were actually not coming.  They said Best Buy had cancelled the haul away in the morning, had no deatils as to why and there was not much they could do.  I went online and after spending close to an hour with agen Melvin G, who also promised me a $50 gift card via email for the inconvenience,, i was transfered to a supervisor (per my request).  Agent (alleged supervisor) Ashton, said that he would reschedule the haul away for 830am on 09/24.  Whle sitll on the chat with him, i get an email saying the haul away will take place between 12 and 6 and when I told him this, he said that he is looking at the screen and has it as a priority for 830 and that the email is not correct...that is was some sort of system glitch but that it would take place at the time he said.

Again, no gift card ever arrived.  Later in the day, i went back to the chat service since i received a second email saying the haul away would take place between 2 and 6...a change from the first email and of course not what I had discussed with the supervisor.  The next (alleged) supervisor, Miles, said that the haul away was, according to what he saw, scheduled for 09/24 between 12 and 6 and that the second email was just a 'narrowing of the window'.  When I asked him for his employee number or any form or way to get this confirmed in writing, he said he could not, to just go by the email and take his word.


09/24 - again, did not go to the office.  12 pm and no contact from anyone.  So, i used the number i had for the Best Buy service provider and miraculously, they answered.  They said they had no record of any haul away taking place today.  That they see it as rescheduled with no date listed. I then called customer service and asked for a supervisor.  After being put on hold for 19 minutes waiting, the line went dead.  Called again, asked for a supervisor and was told not to worry that they would make sure the call would not be disconnected while i was transferred to a supervisor...but I was.  Called a third time and talked to an agent who could not get a hold of a supervisor.  He was trying to be helpful so in talking, I told him that maybe we need to create a new work order.  That maybe things are not happening because of the issues with the initial order and all the bad steps taken along the way.  He created a new order for the haul away for 10/01.


Can't say i have any faith in this actually happening given the bad experience and all the empty promises of compensation and the haul away not having taken place three times already.  So much for being a loyal customer and expecting good customer service.



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Re: Terrible Service

Hi there, zeichen.


Thank you for taking the time to share a detailed recap of your experience. We always enjoy hearing from our loyal patrons, although I wish the circumstances were better. While there are some specific requirements needed for major appliances to be installed, it is clear your overall experience has not been a reflection of the expectations we have in place. I understand why you would be seeking support, as well as some reassurance the upcoming haul-away appointment will go as planned. I’d love to offer any support I’m able, including checking on the status of the gift card you’ve mentioned.


Your Private Message has been received. I will be checking in with you there, as I will first need to complete the required verification process.



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