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Terrible Ongoing Customer Experience

I purchased 7K in Kitchen Aid appliances on 10/5. After numerous shipping delays, Customer Service helped me schedule half my order to be delivered on 11/30 and to pick up the other half of the order at a reasonably local store on the same date. The items scheduled for delivery did not arrive on 11/30. The items scheduled for pickup where not available when I arrived at the store. To make it worse, I was told the items are in a checkout status and there is nothing they can do with the order until it is cleared. I have called Best Buy every day since the 30th and have been told they are escalating to have the status updated, but there is nothing they can do until the status is changed. I was charged all 7K when I made the purchase (I should not have been charged for something that hasn’t even shipped) and now the order appears to be stuck and no one is helping. I have asked repeatedly to speak to someone that can actually help, but have been stonewalled at the supervisor level who simply tells me they are escalating and the issue should be fixed in 24 hours. At this point, I just want to cancel my order and take my business elsewhere. Comically, I have been told my order can’t be canceled until the status is changed. So, right now I have paid 7K for appliances I may never receive and I can’t cancel the order. This is the most unacceptable and horrific customer experience I have ever had and I’ve been an Elite Plus member for 10+ years. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate the input.
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Re: Terrible Ongoing Customer Experience

Honestly your better off waiting. Due to covid every retailer is in the same situation for appliances.
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Re: Terrible Ongoing Customer Experience

I appreciate the input, but the issue isn’t whether the item is in stock. They received my appliances from Kitchen Aid, but they can’t schedule my delivery or cancel my order because the order is stuck in a checkout status in their system. It has been over a week and they still haven’t been able to update the status. If I just wait, I likely won’t receive the items at all and I have already been charged 7K.
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Re: Terrible Ongoing Customer Experience

Welcome to our community, Dhedrich,


Purchasing new appliances for a home should be a time for excitement, and I’m sad to hear that there may be circumstances beyond your control that has led to a delay in receiving them. Having to reschedule multiple times is never ideal, and I can understand your desire for a quick resolution. Although it sounds like we may already be working on assisting you with this concern, I would be happy to take a deeper look and provide additional assistance as needed.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

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