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Terrible Installation

I'm very frusterated. We had a new dryer delivered today with a steam function. The people who set it up barely spoke to us or told us what they were doing. Eventually they told us they were done. They told me to run the dryer for 40 mins to get rid of chemicals, handed me a box with the steam function parts inside, had me sign, and left. I opened the box to find the tubes for the steam function. They should have installed this or explained why they didn't. The tube is too short to reach the dryer. It's a VERY short tube. I tried to dry my clothes. They continued to come out wet. We noticed a blinking red light on the dryer and looked it up in the manual to find that this means that the dryer vent is too long or bent. We look and the vent tube is bent in half and concaved. They just shoved it back there. No amount of trying to get it back to it's shape is working, it's damaged now. So I called Geek Squad to schedule a time for them to come out to fix everything. I got not apology for the terrible installation. They told me to buy a garden hose to hook up to the dryer for the steam function to work. I did get an appointment to reinstall  but I am just in awe, I cannot believe the terrible service!! None of my problems were addressed nor questions really answered. What do I do about the short hose, concaved vent, and dryer that doesn't work???