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Terrible First Experience

I was set to receive a TV today between 1 PM and 5 PM. I got a confirmation email telling me that my package was on the way. I didn’t need a whole home installation I just needed it delivered. I made that clear when ordering. I also should state that I paid for the faster shipping. I bought three items two of which came the next day and the TV was supposed 2 days later. I received an email at 8:30 this morning telling me today’s a day I’ll be getting my package. At around 1230 noon I got another email telling me my package was on the way. Waited around the rest of the day didn’t get any feedback from the delivery person or Best Buy store. I checked my account to see where my package was and The app said I need to reschedule my delivery. I was not informed that the items would not be delivered I did not get a phone call saying the delivery would be delayed. This is unacceptable. If anything I should’ve received a call saying that my package couldn’t be delivered today. If I didn’t go on the app and see that I needed to reschedule who knows when I would’ve gotten my package. I don’t wanna hear that someone knocked and no one answered the door because I live in a one bedroom apartment and my dogs bark at every noise they hear. i didn’t get any knocks on my door or a ring of my doorbell. WASTED MY ENTIRE DAY WAITING. it wouldn’t have been as bad if I didn’t get an email saying it was on the way and in route or an email telling me to reschedule or a phone call. this is my first experience with Best Buy delivery it did not put a good taste in my mouth. I got my 2 other packages on time and with no issues. Very disappointed and i hope someone can rectify the situation
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Re: Terrible First Experience

Hello, nikkisea223


Thank you for joining the forums and reaching out to us.


A new TV is a welcome addition to any home, and I’m sad to hear that things did not go as expected with the delivery.


We strive to provide the best service possible, and I’d be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and review what happened.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number?


You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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