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Terrible Customer Service for TV Delivery and Premium Wall Mounting (July 3rd)



As much as I would love to type everything that has happened over the past 11 days (July 3rd - July 14th), is there a corporate number or social media specialist that I can speak with over the phone instead?


Here is a high-level summary of the events:

  • July 3rd - TV never got delivered or mounted by the Best Buy third party delivery service, because the wall-mount didn't get delivered until 5 pm that afternoon (I have multiple text messages with the delivery guy where he switches his method of delivering the TV)
  • July 3rd - Called customer service and the store near my house multiple times with no effective assistance
  • July 3rd - Ubered to the store near my house and was there for 2 hours just to rebuy my TV that was left in-store by the 3rd party delivery service
  • July 3rd - Finally got a hold of the delivery guy over the phone and he stated that my apartment is a "nightmare, because it doesn't have parking" (note that my apartment has an entire loading dock with multiple spaces specifically for deliveries, but he never called to ask me that)
  • July 3rd - A Home Theatre Expert and a Supervisor did "the best they could" to help (I have their names) and the Supervisor gave me $100 off the TV that I repurchased for my day being wasted and assumed that I would receive the mounting service before the 12th because of the escalation that she put in
  • July 3rd - Received a call from a Case Manager right before I left the store in the Uber XL that I had to purchase to get my TV home
  • July 3rd - Transported my 65 inch TV on a luggage cart up to my apartment on the 23rd floor with my 52-year-old dad that was waiting for me at my apartment while I was at Best Buy
  • July 4th - Geek Squad member called to assure me that the situation has been escalated and should be delivered within the next 3 days (that never happened)
  • July 5th - Order was canceled, but TV delivery (not TV mounting) was rescheduled for July 12th
  • July 12th - No call, no mounting
  • July 12th - I called the Best Buy near my apartment at 4:54 pm to give them time to make the delivery that was supposed to happen between 8 am - 12 pm
  • July 12th - Manager (whose name I can't remember, but I'm sure someone can find) stated that he would get in touch with someone named Kayla to look into the situation and that he would call me tomorrow (July 13th)
  • July 13th - Did not receive a phone call
  • July 14th - Called Best Buy near my apartment again and spoke with another manager (whose full name and extension I have) who rescheduled me for basic mounting on July 17th (another 3 days, which I paid for over the phone) and stated that he would look into my "old" order being canceled efficiently since it wasn't (and I have yet to receive my reimbursement from purchasing the TV the first time online)
  • July 14th - Used the chat system to get the number of what was supposed to be customer care but was just Geek Squad
  • July 14th - After I told the full story for over 15 minutes (with only one question asked in the middle of the story: "did you get your TV?", the phone immediately hung up

I honestly feel like I should receive SOMETHING for all of my trouble for the past 11 days.




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Re: Terrible Customer Service for TV Delivery and Premium Wall Mounting (July 3rd)

Hello, Amber, 


Thank you for registering with the forum, and for your patience as you awaited our reply. Purchasing a new TV should be incredibly exciting. I know I always like to kick back and relax after a home theater upgrade, but it seems like this may not have been possible for you given the troubles you endured. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused, from the missed appointments and services, to having to visit your local store. This isn't at all the experience we strive to provide our customers. If you are still in need of assistance, please feel welcome to send me a private message with your name, phone number, and email address so that I can see how I may help! 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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