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TV not delivered and Installed

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I Purchased 2 LG 86” TVs for delivery and install on 6/11/2020 from the Brentwood, MO store (#833).


Delivery was initially set up for 6/26/2020 but the sales person Jordan (last name unknown) explained there was an opening on 6/25/2020 that he would schedule for on the back end of the transaction.


On 6/17/2020 I received an email and had a voice conversation with Collin {removed per forum gudelines} from NAL group, I assume one of your 3rd party installers, saying he could do my install on 6/25/2020 a day earlier than my scheduled 6/26/2020 date. I was a little confused as I thought my installation was already going to be set for 6/25/2020. I assumed there had been a small glitch in the system, no issue, and said yes setting up 6/25/2020 would be perfect.


On 6/24/2020 I sent an e-mail to Collin {removed per forum gudelines} asking for confirmation that 6/25/2020 install date was still a go as I had received no calls or information since my earlier talk with him. I received an out of office reply indicating that I should contact either{removed per forum gudelines} I resent my message to both of those people. I then received an e-mail from William {removed per forum gudelines} that due to unforeseen circumstances the installation for 6/25/2020 could not be accomplished and that he rescheduled me for 6/30/2020 without discussing with me. I sent Collin {removed per forum gudelines} an e-mail asking for additional information and have yet to get any response for any of my e-mails sent to anyone at NAL Group.  


I then called NAL Group to get the story and the informed me that the entire delivery and set-up had been canceled by Best Buy and that they could not do anything until Best Buy rescheduled. 


I then tried to call my Brentwood, MO store where I purchased the TVs and the services but got no answer on the phone after trying multiple times. Getting no response I returned to the store to speak with someone in person. I spoke with a Steve {removed per forum gudelines} on the floor in the Magnolia section of the store to find a resolution. They discovered that the installation computer system had completely locked down my installation and they could do nothing in the store. Steve {removed per forum gudelines} then called your bridge system support to try to fix the issue. During that time I received a call from Barry (last name unknown) from your Geek Squad division and put him on with Steve {removed per forum gudelines} and they seemed to be able to come to some resolution and that my install would now be on 6/26/2020. This was the original date so I did not have any proplems with it other than the aggravation of dealing with your systems to this point. My understanding was that they were going to hold the two TVs at the South St. Louis County store for the install/delivery team to pick up on Friday and then come do the installs.


Now on Friday 6/26/2020 I was again informed by a phone call from Steve {removed per forum gudelines} that the install could not happen so I asked for a manager to call me back. After an hour no one had called me back so I went to the store in person to deal with the situation. I was told by a store manager, Louis (last name unknown) that some some how the TV order was mistakenly placed as a transfer to the Brentwood store rather than a hold for pickup at the St. Louis South County store and there was no way to fix the problem other than to wait for the transfer to complete to Brentwood and then rescheduled the installation. At the end of my conversation with Louis I was told he would call me on Saturday with an update for my situation.


Saturday morning 6/27/2020 Jordan, my initial sales representative said he was on the case and would call em back with an update. By 4 pm I had heard nothing and could get get anyone to answer any phone call at the store so I drove back out the the Brentwood store to try to get some answers. I arrived to find out that Jordan had now already left for the day and I had no information. I again spoke with Louis and he indicated that they had called the South St. Louis County store that morning to see where the TVs were. I asked why they had not been proactive through the remainder of the day to follow up with South County rather than wait now at the end of the day when I have come back into the store and the South County general manager has already left for the day. I then  asked how this is possible that no one can honor what they are telling me they are going to do and how no one can ever give me any information as to when my already purchased TVs and service will be delivered as promised. 


Sunday morning 6/28/2020 I receive a call Jordan that he had set up that the TV brackets would be picked up from the Brentwood store and the TVs would be picked up from the distribution center in ST. Peters, Missouri and that all would be delivered and installed on Monday morning 6/29/2020. It is now almost noon my time on Monday and everything online says the delivery will happen on Tuesday 6/30/2020. We now as an office have to call our clients we had set up presentations for and reschedule or find another acceptable manner in which to have these meetings which will cost us time from other projects to organize.


At no point through all of this have I been able to get anyone on a phone call either at the Brentwood store or through your 1 (800) Best Buy number.


I want you to know that this whole experience is entirely unacceptable. These TVs were ordered for an Architectural firm to use as a display to give presentation to clients and some of our schedule was based on the installation schedule your store originally gave to me. I am now fed up with this situation. Your team has failed me at every opportunity.  At this point and in this moment I am entirely sorry I chose to go through Best Buy for this purchase. Had I known I would have gladly spent the extra money at a competitor to avoid this frustration and loss of my and the firms time.




Sean {removed per forum gudelines}


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Re: TV not delivered and Installed

The saga continues. My sales representative Jordan assured me on 6/28/2020 that the TV delivery and installation would happen on Monday 6/29/2020. I looked at the voluminous number of e-mails and saw a notification for delivery for 6/30/2020. I decided rather than go down to the store again (calling is useless, no one answers phones) I would wait and see what happens. Monday comes and goes with no delivery and no installation. Tuesday 6/30/2020 I finally get a call that the TVs are going to be delivered in the morning. The TVs are delivered at around 8:30 am but no brackets for wall installation and the delivery team says they are not in charge of doing the installation. I called geek squad (at this point I am tired of dealing with the Brentwood store) to see why there was no installation. The geek squad agent informed me that the installation was still set at 6/26/2020! I did not even have the TVs on 6/26/2020. How can this continue to be such a mess of things!


Back to the store I go again on 6/30/2020 to speak with my sales rep Jordan. He says he does not know how my installation did not happen as he set everything up in the system the previous day. Now after speaking with Jordan on 6/30/2020 and calling Geek Squad directly again on the morning 7/1/2020 I am told the earliest they can schedule an install now is 7/17/2020. How is it that the customers who’s orders you foul up through not fault of their own are continually moved to the back of the line?

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Re: TV not delivered and Installed

Good afternoon, SeanStretton, 


Welcome to the forum, though I wish you had found us under better circumstances. I appreciate your patience as you awaited our reply while we are experiencing higher than normal volumes. I know purchasing a couple of new TVs for your architectural company to be used in presentations was very exciting.


We aim for these services to be completed in a professional and seamless manner, so having the delays and scheduling issues you've encountered is far from the experience we want for our customers. While I'm glad to hear the TVs were finally delivered, I understand you still haven't received the brackets or installation. I would be happy to see how I may further assist with this issue, so please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for the private message I'm sending your way. 



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