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TV and Soundbar Purchase and Installation

We purchased a new TV and sound bar on November 28th 2020, as well as scheduling the install for those items and two additional tvs on February 10th 2021. We received multiple confirmation emails and a confimation phone call from Best Buy on the evening of February 9th that stated our delivery and install window was between 7am and 1pm. That time came and went and no one called or showed up. I called best buy who told me I needed to call dispatch. I called dispatch who told me the items were "scheduled" but not "assigned," whatever that means. They also told me the failure to assign the delivery was a mistake made on best buys part and I needed to call them. So back to Best buy who again told me to call dispatch. At this point I cant even keep track of the misinformation, finger pointing, and phone calls I made but the only resolution they could come up with was reschduling my appointment on February 27th. I told them it seemed unfair that I was being bumped to the back of the line for an install because of a mistake made on their part and it didnt seem unreasonable that I request they come the following day, since our install was scheduled on February 10th, and that didnt happen because of a mistake on their part.The manager I was speaking to said he could get me a February 17th install date and that he would file a complaint on my behalf. So I now have a February 17th install date, a week after my original install date, and I am a little apprehensive since I was never given a truly valid reason for them not showing up in the first place and I have no reason to believe they will show up this time. Stay tuned for an update on February 17th.