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Sub-par Service

I am emailing because we have exhausted all other means of resolving this issue without any reconciliation or support from the company. My husband and I purchased a GE Laundry Center from the Best Buy location in Torrance, CA. We opted for the floor model as it was at a lower price point and were assured by the staff that the product had no mechanical issues whatsoever. The floor supervisor even stated that " Best Buy stands behind any product that they sell". The unit was delivered to us on 6/6/18. Once installed, the delivery person ran the unit to ensure that it was working properly. I noticed that the dryer was making a loud banging noise; similar to if you were drying shoes. He stated that this sound was "normal" and that the unit would probably quiet down after some time. He also said "these units are normally a bit louder than standalone units anyway." I foolishly trusted his judgement and allowed the unit to complete its cycle. As it continued, the sound got louder and louder. It began to make a consistent unbearable metal against metal scraping noise that increases in volume the longer it’s on. My husband contacted the Torrance Best Buy location to speak to someone regarding this matter. He called every hour on the hour and wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone. My husband decided to email the General Manager Frank but received a call back from appliance manager Daniel who was rude and extremely unsympathetic to our issue. Mind you, at this point, we've had the unit for less than 24 hours. We have still yet to hear from the General Manager Frank. The lack of quality, service, response, care and professionalism on the part of Best Buy has be absolutely absurd and ridiculous for corporation of this size. Especially in a space where the market for appliances is so competitive. We have been dedicated customers up until this point, but this situation has definitely tested our loyalty.

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Re: Sub-par Service

Good afternoon ehtom,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  Regardless of how a customer contacts us, we’re always hopeful the level of service they receive will be second to none.  You mention this experience has tested your loyalty to Best Buy, and after reading through your post, I can't say I would feel any differently under the same circumstances.  With that said, I appreciate the opportunity to assist you further, and I'm optimistic we'll be able to turn this experience around for you.


I’d like to explore what options we have available to you, but in order to do so, I’ll need to gather some additional information from you.  If you’d be so kind as to send me a private message with the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • The “Customer Service PIN” located at the bottom of your receipt



This should be enough information for me to begin my research.  To send me this information privately, be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature.


Hope to hear from you soon,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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