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Stuck on Truck Check-Out

Hello. I ordered a washer and dryer with a stacking kit and delivery/installation on 12/14. I signed up for a Best Buy Credit card in the process. It was originally set to be delivered on 1/1/22, but apparently, you all made an error in allowing that date for delivery/installation and forced me to reschedule to 1/3/22.

On January 3rd, I received a call that my stacking kit was not included with the washer and dryer. Because I only have a closet, I had to decline the order. Someone in customer service told me that the stacking kit had not been received by the store/warehouse (even though I can see they are in stock all over metro Atlanta in stores and I could have picked it up myself more easily). She said that they would schedule the stacking kit to be delivered on Monday, 1/10 but that they could not reschedule my washer and dryer yet because it was on the delivery truck. However, she said she would schedule it for me within 24-48 hours when it came available. That did not happen. I called on Tuesday, 1/4 to confirm if it had been scheduled and they said to wait another 24-48 hours. On Wednesday, 1/5, I called and was told they would escalate the case, but the escalation would result in me being contacted within 24-48 hours. I waited until Friday, 1/7, to call back and was on the phone with the MOST UNHELPFUL and RUDE agent I've ever spoken to in my life - I asked to speak with a manager and he would not let me because he said they couldn't do anything for me and that he would just escalate my request again. He said I would hear by the end of the day Monday, and that if I just called back on Monday they would handle it. I also tweeted to @bestbuysupport and someone named Ezra asked for my order details.

Monday, 1/10 I called back and the washer and dryer are still on truck check out. I had to delay my installation services (which are in the same delivery order as my stacking kit). I was on the phone with a customer service agent for an hour and he said his manager wanted to speak with me to try to resolve the issue. In the process of transferring me, he accidentally hung up. I called back (after waiting 30 minutes due to "call volumes") and spoke with someone else who again refused to transfer me to a manager and instead created a case number for the management intervention team. She said they would be faster than the dispatch team and would call me within 24 hours.

Today, Tuesday, 1/11, I did not receive a call or email from anyone in the management team. I checked my spam. I called your customer service team again and spoke with an agent who said that he saw my case and that I should allow another 24 hours for them to contact me. I also heard back from Ezra on Twitter that supposedly they cannot schedule my washer and dryer for delivery until the stacking kit is delivered. This cannot be true because the stacking kit is COMBINED with the dryer installation so if I have the stacking kit delivered without the washer and dryer here, what happens to my dryer installation (that I paid for)?

At this point, I've waited 24-48 hours every day or two for well over a week. I'm paying interest on a washer and dryer that I CANNOT get delivered. No one has been able to help me. 


This is ridiculous. I will not shop at Best Buy again, I will cancel the credit card as soon as possible, and I will share this experience with everyone I know to encourage them to shop elsewhere since I cannot get anyone to help me. 

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Re: Stuck on Truck Check-Out

Hey, asudu,


Thanks for connecting with us here on our forum, and after reading about this washer/dryer order I can understand why you would be concerned. This simply does not sound like the type of experience you should have with us. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message simply click on the message button in my signature.



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