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St.Cloud Best Buy; Terrible Customer Service & Communication Skills

Hello I am in need of some kind of assistance or information of any kind.

My husband placed an order for a dishwasher in December. We waited a month for the first delivery attempt to be made - this attempt was on Jan17th and was cancelled by the installation service which is contracted through Best Buy. They said it was because of weather which is understandable, but we would have to wait another month for it to be rescheduled. I called the store and they said we would have it installed on Friday Feb. 14th.

Fast-forward after waiting another month.
I called the store on the 13th to figure out what time on the 14th they would be arriving to our house to install the dishwasher. We received a text from Best Buy’s txt service that said it would be installed from 12 - 6pm on the 14th.

I then called the store to narrow down this timeline, because I had other things to do with my day, and luckily I did, because the St.Cloud store told me that they had no record of it being scheduled for that day.

The store associate we spoke with, Nate said to us on Thursday the 13th that he had no idea why it was rescheduled without our notice. He had no record of the original date we were told, and He then said maybe it was because their systems fault, offering no more information or a solution of any kind. He said that was all he knew, or could do. We waited for him to consult the store manager, Mike.

Mike called us on Friday and told us the dishwasher we ordered was probably backlogged so that was why it had taken so long to get in, despite us never being told it would be hard to get a hold of or given any inclination of the washer having special conditions.
He also said the third-party service they used had recently had quit and so there was a lot of confusion around the replacement service they hired. Apparently Our dishwasher order and installation was apart of this group of orders that was misplaced in the transition.
He also said the dishwasher we ordered back in December had been sent to another store (for some reason he wasn’t aware of - he apologized again for this. The next one would arrive on the 18th) so we would have to wait even longer for a washer to arrive. He then apologized for the entire experience and told us after looking up the order - that it would be installed on Wed. 19th and reassured us by giving us his store cell-phone if any issues were to come up. We left thinking wow. Maybe this terrible experience is coming to an end.

How wrong we were.
Sunday the 16th rolls around.
My husband and I are headed to bed for the night, it’s 9pm. We get a call from an unknown number - we answer. It’s a guy named Dan, from this third party installation service - they’re coming to install the dishwasher on Mon. the 17th. Which directly conflicted with what we were just told by Mike the store manager...
We told Dan from the installation service that the dishwasher we ordered was not even in stock until the 18th. Dan also told us he was not installing it on 19th because he was would not even be in town that day.

No one has contacted us with an answer on this topic. We have called the store, called the store manager and texted his work cell.

Would love some information on how and when this dishwasher will be installed.
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Re: St.Cloud Best Buy; Terrible Customer Service & Communication Skills

Hi, Rmastin,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks for reaching out about this. I'm sorry that you've had so many issues getting this dishwasher delivered. We want appliance delivery to be as seamless as possible, and we fell short here.


Can you please send along a private message through the link in my signature below this post with your name, email address, and phone number, along with the order number? I'll see what I can do to help out.



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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