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Specialized crew installs new dryer

Each day, I receive at least one solicitation from Best Buy via email. Yet when I contacted Best Buy customer service (by phone and via your website)to express a grave concern regarding a most subpar Best Buy installation of a gas dryer, no one has followed up with me at all.

In December, 2018, I purchased a new gas dryer from Best Buy. I also needed to buy the installation package because while my existing dryer had only been installed 18 months prior, I was told all new connections and materials were required.

Delivery and installation were scheduled for the same day. The dryer was delivered, but the team told me they could not install as (1) they did not realize it was a gas dryer (?) that (2) had to be adapted to fit a propane line--even though I spoke with Best Buy geek squad after purchasing the dryer online to confirm all those details were noted correctly.

So, we waited for the expert installation crew, which delayeed things more than a week. After the installation, we noticed a strange smell but were told by the crew the drum had lubricant from the factory that dissipates after initial use. A month later, it was still noticeable so we scheduled a factory service call.

Imagine our dismay when we learned the smell was a propane leak because the expert crew had not installed the dryer correctly nor apparently even checked for leaks. Not only did their error pose a significant risk of fire or explosion but it also affected my young children's air quality, as their bedrooms are just down the hall from the laundry. Moreover, as I pay to have my LP tank filled each month, I wonder the cost of the leaking line for more than a month.

Originally I called Best Buy customer service so no one else would suffer as a result of the "expert" installation team. I gave my name and contact number for follow up, expecting someone from corporate would at least phone to express an apology. I was wrong.

I believe the calloused indifference of your company to a reported risk from your installation failure speaks volumes. I would request a refund of the cost of the materials kit (i.e. flexible hose line) I was required to purchase from Best Buy for this grave risk to be brought into my home. In the future, I will also encourage people to avoid the apparent mistake I made in choosing Best Buy.
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Re: Specialized crew installs new dryer

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Greetings, CouldBeBetter, 


I could only imagine how shocking it must have been to receive the news about your installation.  We couldn't be more thankful for the time you've spent bringing this to our attention, and thank you for registering with the Best Buy forums!


The email provided at registration didn't allow me to locate any orders you're referring to, and I'm going to need some additional information to get started!  Please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and order number(s) which have the installation from this second install team. 


I want you to rest easy knowing that all of the moderators on these forums work out of the Corporate Headquarters in Richfield, MN, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to explore any options that may exist to make for a better overall experience!  Be sure to click the private message button below to send your information.  

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