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Soundbar Installation Issues and Inability to get through the Best Buy Phone System

Hi Best Buy Support,


Hopefully you can help. I had Total Support (Geek Squad) scheduled to install two soundbars in my home. When the tech arrived - it was from a 3rd party provider. He came in...used no tools like a level to do the installation. After putting like 6 holes in my wall. And not ever getting the soundbar even centered under the TV.


I asked him if he had ever installed a soundbar before. And he said not really...but he was trying his best. I asked what about the extra holes in my wall and he said well he put it in the wrong place the 1st few times. So I asked him to leave figuring it wasn't going to get any better.


Best Buy Support did give me the insurance company info. But when they rescheduled the appointment - it is with the same 3rd party. I have tried now for 3 hours with your phone system. I have been hung up on, repeatedly sent to the wrong department, and now been on hold for 51 minutes while they check on the account. 


All I want is Geek Squad rather than the company messed up my wall to install. I have pics if you want to see. Thanks in advance.