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Smart Home Wiring - Not one cable labeled!




Last summer, around June 2020 we had paid for 150 Cat6 runs for our new home before dry-wall in preparation and hopes of smart-home. Best Buy Geek Squad Manager along with in-home advisor came did walk through and checked everything and confirmed that after wires are run, they will be labeled, organized and documented.


Geek Squad team came and installed sevaral wire-runs. Everytime we have asked about labeling them, they said they would do it at the end, after they are done wiring. This was starange to us, as the normal practice is to label then and then do the wire-pulls. So, we had asked this several times to the Geek Squad Leads and Manager and we got the same asnwere all the time.


They came for few days and then there was no show, they left some things in the house also. No documenattion was provided, none of the wires are labelled. We followed-up several times with store and they kept saying that they will return. Not until this day.


All our pre-planning is down the drain along with the money we paid.


Best Buy is acting like they can do whatever and get away without any accountability! Is this fair??


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Re: Smart Home Wiring - Not one cable labeled!

Welcome back, AD2,


Thank you for stopping by our community forums again and letting us know about your experience with this Geek Squad installation. Having done some wiring in my home, I know that good documentation and labeling is worth it's weight in gold. Our goal is to make sure every Geek Squad service meets your needs so I'm disappointed to hear that this project wasn't completed to your satisfaction.


You mentioned that these service appointments were completed last year, is that correct? Did you follow up with the Geek Squad at that time? Has anything happened recently that reminded you of these appointments?


Because of how much time has passed, my options to assist you are very limited. With that said, I would be glad to review any notes that may have been left after this service if you have any questions. Please let me know how I can best assist you moving forward!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Smart Home Wiring - Not one cable labeled!

Yes, since then I have continuously followed-up with Geek Squad, they never responded, so followed-up with store manager(s) and also their managers. Every one that we could find, but nothing was done.

Everything is electronic and can be tracked, so maybe next time we should come here right away...
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Re: Smart Home Wiring - Not one cable labeled!

Hello, AD2.

As my colleague previous mentioned, it may be that we are quite limited with supplying a resolution based on the length of time this service was conducted or offered. However, we are more than happy to determine what options you may have at your disposal.


Would you share your full name, phone and email with us by selecting the blue ‘Private Message’ button near my signature, please?  This will aid us in verifying and fully accessing your account.


We look forward to assisting you soon.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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