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Sedgwick- outstanding claim 2 months after installation date

I spent close to $2000 on two appliances in your Paramus store and had a lovely experience with your store staff, but that was the only positive part of this purchase.  The subcontractor Best Buy hired to perform the installation damaged a wall in my kitchen during installation and refused to take ownership of it though I watched him do it.  He also installed a damaged dishwasher that he tried to tell me was not damaged.  He wanted me to sign off on the installation, which I refused, because this would indicate acceptance of his "work".  While Best Buy did replace the damaged dishwasher, it has been close to two months of constant email follow up and phone calls trying to get my claim resolved with your insurance company.  I just wasted 40 minutes on the phone this morning with Best Buy customer care to voice my concern at the lack of attention to this issue and was bascially told that Best Buy washes their hands of damage done inside the home and it's up to the insurance company to handle.  My issue is that Best Buy's insurance company has done NOTHING to make the installer resolve the damamge in my home.  They do not return phone calls, do not follow up and really don't care if the customer is compensated or not.  


What I find comical is that Best Buy claims to have stellar cosutmer service... how exactly is this situation a positive example?


Whoever at corporate that handles your insurance and subcontractor contracts should take note of this as Best Buy is losing customers due to their poor workmanship and follow through.  I have never experienced such poor service from a company and rest assured, I will make this experience known to anyone who asks me of where to buy an appliance.