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Sedgewick claim and Geek Squad negligence

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I spent over $15,000 on new appliances and to add Smart Lighting to my home back in February and March of this year. Installation has still not been completed on my Smart Lighting. A crew of four came over to install a Ring system, Smart Lighting, and a Smart Thermostat. They left without finishing the lighting installation and broke my thermostat while trying to install the thermostat they recommended which was not compatible. I filed a claim with Sedgwick in April for the replacement which was over $1,000, which was just denied. My claims representative, LaToyia ...

The statement she provided:


Thank you for that information. I have received a statement from the technician and he is advising they only removed the cover from the thermostat and replaced it after speaking with the electrician that was working inside your home at the same time. According to the tech the electrician and his assistance were flipping multiple breakers on and off killing power throughout the home the contractor then advised it was a proprietary system and would need to have that company work with the unit. Tech stated they immediately put the cover back on and did not do anything in addition to the unit. Did you have other contractors working in the home  at the time of your appointment with Best Buy?


There was no electrician at my house. There was a handyman who was at Lowe's at the time they tried to install the thermostat.  The tech admitted he removed and replaced the cover. The photos clearly show the damage caused during that removal. This claim should be approved and I should be reimbursed for my expenses.


In addition, it is now four months later and my ring, echo, and lights are still not working. Another tech came out to try to fix the first tech's work and informed me he overloaded my wifi and instructed me get faster service. I switched service the next day and never heard from him or anyone else again. My local store will not return phone calls or emails. I will talk to someone claiming to be a manager one day promising to fix things in person only to be ignored until I arrive in person again to be told the person I spoke with before was not a manager. This is a circus!


When my appliances were delivered, after many delays, my refrigerator was dented and my cooktop was shattered. I am still waiting for the cooktop to be delivered in August.


I have spent days missing work for appointments, phone calls, deliveries gone wrong only to take another day off to schedule a time to fix another problem. I would like someone else to take a look at my claim for my thermostat. There should be no question I should be reimbursed. I would also like my echo, ring system and smart lights, which cost thousands of dollars, to be installed by a competent. I do not feel these requests should be considered difficult to manage. 



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Re: Sedgewick claim and Geek Squad negligence

Hello, Mageedip, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums. We appreciate reaching out regarding your claim. We can understand your concerns with the outcome given. While we’re unable to change this, we can see if there is any additional information we can gather. If you please, send me a private message with you full name, phone number, claims number, and email to start. To start a private conversation simply click the blue button to the right of my signature. 




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