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Sedgewick Claim—-No Response...Terrible

When our washer and dryer were installed the first time (yes they had to come twice because of multiple issues and replace the units) the installer snapped our water valves. After speaking to Best Buy they started a claim and directed us to their claims company. Well it’s been over a week, numerous phone calls and messages later and still no response from Sedgewick. Every time you call they are busy “helping” other customers...I mean how is that even possible? So, then it makes you leave a message. Well nobody ever returns your call. When you call the people at the store who started the claim they get rude and direct you back to the claims department. It’s obvious this company is an ongoing issue just by looking through this forum so I don’t understand why something hasn’t been done. Can someone please help me remedy this so we can move forward??? Or does anybody have any tips or tricks as to how to actually get someone to speak to or return your call???