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Scheduled delivery - not really scheduled

I purchased a Samsung 65" QLED TV, along with wireless headphones online and scheduled an installation date for today (1/4) from between 8am - noon. I also purchased the Total Tech Support package (I wish I hadn't). I received an email from the Geek Squad on 12/27, confirming the appointment. Fast forward to today at 5 minutes to noon, no one had arrived for the install and no one had called me with an arrival time. I called the Geek Squad and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, the agent that answered told me that I didn't have an appointment scheduled for today and that there must have been a "bug" in the scheduling system. His only answer was to reschedule the install for 1/8...or receive a refund for the TV and headphones, which have already been delivered. I asked him to explain why I had been sent the confirmation email, and he said he couldn't answer my question. It was very obvious from his tone of voice that he really didn't care. So, after sitting a home waiting for a scheduled delivery/install, no one shows up and now the delivery/install isn't scheduled until next Tuesday. The good new...I did receive an appointment confirmation form the Geek Squad. Oh wait, I received the same email on 12/27. I'm not holding my breath. Best Buy and Geek Squad...NEVER again!