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Samsung Washer delivered but shipping bolts not removed!

Two months ago, we purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from your San Diego Pacific Sales Mission Valley store and the washer and dryer were delivered; we had the washer and dryer installed in our outdoor shed.


Our handyman put the washer and dryer on the pedestal and we started a load and left the house; when we returned, we noted the washer and dryer shifted a bit when we got home. We had our handyman put in brackets to keep the feet secure.


Two weeks ago, we took it off the pedestal and tried one more time; We ran another wash and noted the washer to be very loud. There was a terrible scraping noise with banging and extreme rattling during the spin cycle.  We turned the spin cycle to low and still there was very loud and disturbing rattling. When the load was done, we saw the washer fell off the pedestal, with scratches and dents on the brand new washer and dryer! When it had knocked into the dryer, it tore the vent duct too.

We have had to call our handyman over several times to look at it. He cut the bottom of the shed after a week, it still didn't solve the problem.  We put anti-vibration pads under the washer and dryer without help. 


Finally, after one and a half months of trying to deal with this, we looked online and read about how the shipping bolts should have been removed upon delivery and how damage can occur if the unit is run with the shipping bolts still engaged


The washer now works fine but this has been quite an ordeal!! We love our washer and dryer, but didn't expect the extra expenses due to the handyman's multiple visits, anti-vibration pads, and the cutting of our shed, along with the damaging the pedestals, the washer and the dryer, all because of failure to remove the shipping bolts upon delivery as it should have been done.


We contacted Best Buy online and the person told me to expect some kind of compensation for our terrible experience and damages.

Can you help?

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Re: Samsung Washer delivered but shipping bolts not removed!

Hi there, bloodygeno!


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Forums regarding your appliance purchase. It sounds like this has been a pretty lengthy process! 


While I can't make any guarantees, I would be glad to see what options we have available to you. In order to access your order, I will need some additional information. Would you mind sending over a message with your full name, phone number, email address, and order number? The link is below in my signature.


I look forward to hearing back from you! 

Halie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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