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SWFT Bicycle & Installation Feedback (inc Dangerous Safety Faults)


I recently bought both the SWFT Fleet and SWFT Volt for our household and had them delivered and installed by Geek Squad. We've had them 2 weeks and have taken several trips with them.


There were numerous problems and I'm planning on returning them this weekend as SWFT has now taken 2 weeks to respond to our enquiries and hasn't gotten back to us. We initially messaged and this week have been calling but "we'll get back to you today" resulted in 2 days of silence, and me ringing them up and they said they'll get back to us within 2 days!


I wish to provide feedback to others and management to improve and choose better bike vendors.


1) Both installers were not supplied with a bike pump. This is pretty basic and poor of management to not give employees/contractors the tools they need.

2) Because of the above, there was no real testing of the bike on installation and have noticed several dangerous near-accidents as a result.

2a) Near-accident 1: Unlike the Volt, The handlebars on the Fleet bike need to be screwed in VERY TIGHT, failure to do so will result in a sudden DROP, this happened to my wife, she fell, and the bike was partially on the road and an oncoming car swerved and honked. Thankfully minor bruises/scratches only.

2b) Near-accident 2: Whilst I was riding the Volt, I stopped behind traffic, lifted my bike from the road to the pedestrian footpath and the WHEEL FELL OFF. I noticed a nut was missing. I can only assume when the installer put on the front wheel they didn't check tighness.

3) Both installers noted they had installed bikes before but not e-bikes. I think the basic training they need is to install each unique bike type once in a training session with someone reviewing their work. Ideally unique risks (like the Fleet) handlebars are pointed out, a simple "push down handlebars with full force" would have detected this issue.

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Re: SWFT Bicycle & Installation Feedback (inc Dangerous Safety Faults)

FYI - We've tightened the handlebars and used spare nuts we had in the house to fix to losse wheel.


There are 2 ongoing issues which SWFT are failing to support.


Fleet: It's permanently in cruise control with a "Switch error" on the Display. Permanent cruise control is dangerous, when we turn the bike on and start walking the bike, it tries to accelerate to 10 miles per hour flinging into the air and scaring people around us as the bike would appear to an outside to have a mind of it's own. It also means it's using more power. In the interim we have been holding the brakes when turning the bike on until we start peddaling. When walking the bikes we have to turn it off (ideally at the battery to be 100% safe it won't fly away).


Volt: Cruise control cannot be activated by holding down button after going 5+ miles per hour. I've tried several times as has my wife. This personally doesn't both me too much, but given the lack of support, I'm worried when something does go wrong I'm going to have a difficult time getting it fixed.

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Re: SWFT Bicycle & Installation Feedback (inc Dangerous Safety Faults)

Hey, michaelsmith76.


Welcome to the Forums! We appreciate you reaching out with your feedback! It is certainly concerning to hear about the issues you are having with your e-bikes at this time. Rest assured; we will make sure to document it so it is known. If there is any way we can further support you at this time, please feel free to reach out to me privately with your full name, phone number and email so I can try to help! To send me a private message please click on the message button in my signature!




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