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Rude/Unprofessional Manager Store 128

12/3/18 I had a sub/amp installed in my car at store #128. The installer damaged my car during install and I said I wanted it repaired (he drilled holes in the back of my seat to mount the amp without consulting me as to where the amp should be mounted, leaving 4 very noticeable and permanent holes in my seat). He apologized and said he would get the store manager involved to get the issue resolved. Enter manager "J" (I believe name was Justin, though I'm uncertain). This was at around 5pm, so if you actually care, check the schedule. 


The installer explains the issue to the manager who then turns to me and begins downplaying the damage done to my car, saything that it fell within "Standard Operating Procedure." I then pointed out that even if it was SOP the installer should have a) told me this SOP at drop off, or b) should have confirmed install location before making a decision that would result in permanent damge to the car, and as such I wanted my car repaired. He then dropped the line, "Well what do you want me to do about it? I can sit here and listen to you tell me how angry you are about this." To which I responded that I didn't want his false validation nonsense, and again reiterated that I wanted my car repaired.


He then began giving me the run around about how to get it fixed. Saying it was on me to go to an outside repair shop, get a quote, come back to the store, deliver the the quote, and wait for BestBuy to determine if they were going to pay for the damage they had caused. When I asked him to give me these steps in writing, he flat out refused. A bit incredulous, I asked why. He said it was for "legal reasons." So you damaged my car while it was in your care, want me to put in the time and effort to get a repair underway, and won't give me a written instruction on how to go about this? He responded with, "Yup." I demanded he get some form of documentation for me so he said he'd find some BestBuy SOP for damage to give me. He then left and never returned. I never did get any documentation from him.


The installer for his credit was far more helpful, he found the part needing replacing, made a call to my car's manufacturer to confirm the part number, and printed off this info for me. 


BestBuy, so, apparently when you damage customer property your standards of operation are to be as rude/dismissive as possible and make it incredibly difficult to get resolved? You cite "legal reasons" to avoid giving out relevant information?