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Royal runaround- poor customer service - need to be fixed

To whoever will listen. But based on our experience, it will most likely fall on deaf ears.  


I am visually impaired.  I recently retired and need a computer in my home I can use. I turned to Best Buy consultation services for help.


I needed a consultant to assist in buying and installing a new computer so I would get what would work best for my disability and our home.  


We went to or local Best Buy with what we needed and we were set up with an appointment with Ben to come out to our house and consult with my wife and I.  We showed him what we had and what we needed and what did not work for us.


Ben told us he would have a proposal in a few days.  A week went by and nothing happened.  So, we called but Ben wouldn't respond until we called his boss.  


He then sent a proposal that had zero options.  Just a list of what we were getting.  My wife immediately sent an email to Ben to clarify things that seemed incorrect.  


Again, no response from Ben until we called his boss.  We had several questions.  He answered two of our questions only.  After a back and forth He assured us this is what the pros thought was best. So we thought things were set.  


Drew came out to do an installation.  He told us that the consultation was all wrong and that a lot of the equipment Ben sold us would not work together or work for our home. He could set up the computer we had purchased. But suggested we set up another consultation to get equipment that was right for us because he did not know what products the store carried to fit our need.


So we decided he should take it all back. We did not just want to make it work. We needed specific items for our house and decided to hold off on installation to get the right equipment and have it all work together.


Drew made a number of notes and told us that his boss would call us later that day or the next to set up a new consultation to get it right. (Many of the problems were concerns my wife had emailed earlier to Ben)


Two days went by, and you guessed it, no call.  


We called Best Buy and were told the boss was out for a few days.  We waited but with still no response days later, we spent our time to drive down to Best Buy to get it straightened out. 


We met with Shelly the store manager, who was going to run interference for us.  She said she would contact Ben and Drew to find out what was needed. We told her we did not want to work with Ben we just needed a new consultation. She told us she would call us back later that day or in the AM at the latest.  Of course, she didn't call and the following afternoon we called her. When we got hold of her she said she would get the installation pushed through.  "WHAT?"  My wife told her that we still needed the new consultation.  She then told us that someone from installation would call us that day. 

Surprise, they actually called.  Only to give us the complete runaround and told us no further consultation would happen and that Best Buy doesn't do computer consultations and that we somehow got slipped in by error.  "Seriously!"  They tried to force us to install what was already purchased even though it was wrong.


Is this how you treat customers who want to spend their money with you, none the less taking advantage of a blind person? Do I need to take this up with not only the BBB but the ADA?


I requested that our money be refunded and we would go elsewhere.  You wasted a month of our time.  


I will be telling anybody who will listen to steer clear of Best Buy.


This was the worst service ever with the exception of Drew.  He knew what he was doing and I wish we could have consulted with him initially.


How do you stay in business? 


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Re: Royal runaround- poor customer service - need to be fixed

Good Afternoon, dmiesner,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forum regarding your concerns about your In Home Advisor and the products on your proposal.  It’s disheartening to hear that you’re having a difficult time with this service as it is intended to make your experience more customized and less stressful. It sounds like there were multiple opportunities for this experience to be turned around, and it is particularly unfortunate these chances were missed.  I’m deeply apologetic for any confusion or disappointment that you have faced.


While I know you have already told me that you canceled your order and do not want service with us going forward, I would love to be able to gather some more details from you so that I can take a look into the situation and provide feedback to the correct area.  Feedback is extremely important as it can be reference when trying to better the overall experience of our current and future customers.  So I can do that, can you please send me a private message with your phone number, email, and the store you went into for assistance after the initial installation appointment?  As you may know, you should be able to send a private message by clicking on the blue “private message” button in my signature.  I look forward to hearing back from you. 



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