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Roadie is THE WORST! Thieves!

My husband purchased 2 TVs, 2 TV wall mounts and a camera lens from Best Buy online last weekend. We were thrilled to find out we had the option of free next day delivery on the 2 TVs and 2 wall mounts. My husband was able to track our delivery driver thru Roadie and we thought it was pretty cool. Yeah, pretty cool until the Roadie driver decided to try and steal our stuff. According to GPS thru Roadie, he was no where near our home and marked the order as "delivered" and posted a photo of his lap/jeans; certainly not of my front door showing 2 TVs delivered! I initially wanted to give the driver the benefit of the doubt and that maybe there was an issue with the Roadie app/program or maybe the driver somehow accidentally marked our order as delivered. We were out at the time but have motion activated security cameras surrounding our house so when my husband received notification from Roadie and Best Buy that our TVs were delivered, we immediately knew they had not been. My husband called Roadie and explained what was going on and the woman on the phone put him on hold to reach out to the driver. She said that the driver said he left the TVs at the back door. My husband explained that we have motion cameras and that nothing had been left at our "back door" (which, by the way, is a sliding glass door on our elevated deck which would have proven difficult and a lot of work to drag the TVs around the back of the house and up the deck stairs rather than just leave on the front porch). The Roadie rep must have told the driver that we have cameras b/c conveniently not long after the call the original photo was removed from the delivery and the driver arrived at our front door and delivered our TVs…yes, that's right, to our front door. The purpose of this post is to let you know that this driver is a thief and had he not been informed of our security cameras, he would have made off with 2 brand new TVs. My husband called both Roadie and Best Buy about the issue but no one seemed concerned and it seemed as though nothing would be done. The woman on the phone from Roadie said, "well you got your delivery" and yes, we did, but only b/c we had security cameras! Shouldn't Best Buy be concerned about who they have working for them?? Shouldn't Best Buy be concerned about customer service and how they are perceived?? How many customers have had this issue with this driver in the past and the driver has gotten away with it b/c the customer didn't have security cameras at their house?? Maybe Best Buy makes so much money that something like this isn't a big deal or worth their time. We are very disappointed with how this was handled and will think twice ordering online again.

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Re: Roadie is THE WORST! Thieves!

Hey, DaisyMJ,


Welcome to our Community Forums. Although, we wish it were to share a positive experience. It’s never ideal when any delivery is handled beyond set expectations by our fulfilling partners. As such we can understand your disappointment with this experience. We’d like to review the order and formally document this feedback if your husband being the purchaser can reach out to us from their own Forums or social media account. This is in accordance with our Privacy Policy- We look forward to offering any further assistance. 



Andy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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