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Request for assistance - Delivery cancelled 3 times by Best Buy

I have had issues trying to purchase a Samsung Q90T TV since last November.  I first "successfully" ordered the TV online in November 20.  A few days later, I received an email stating there was no supply and the order was cancelled.  I was then able to "successfully" order the TV online again on 31 December 20.  I set up a delivery date but on Jan 2, 2021, I received another email stating there was not stock and to reschedule a deliver.  I set up a date online but received another email a few days later stating Best Buy was pending a delivery date for me to enter.  I contacted Best Buy via phone support and set up a delivery for 12 Jan 21.  That day came and went with no delivery.  After contacting Best Buy again, a new deliver date of 27 Jan 21 was set up.  That morning, the delivery driver called and said the TV hadn't arrived and to contact Best Buy to reschedule delivery.  Another date was set up for 6 February 21.  Again, I received a call from the delivery driver who stated the TV had not been delivered to the store and for me to contact Best Buy.  


Between all of that, I must have contacted Best Buy at least 7 or 8 times via phone support and at least 5 times via chat support.  I stopped by my local store once to speak with support there.  None of those efforts have yielded any productive support.  I'm still without a TV which has already been charged to my account and I've already made payments on despite Best Buy's policy on their web page that says customers aren't charged for items until they are shipped.  


I've requested multiple calls from supervisors and have heard from none of them.  I've experienced disconnects when calling in for phone support.  Been on hold for long enough that my call is routed to another agent and I have to begin from scratch.  Been told on two occasions that my TV had been delivered to the Best Buy store (on Jan 18th and again on Jan 31) and that my TV would be here.


How much effort and work has to be done by a customer before Best Buy takes a proactive stance and reaches out to them?  The only action that has been taken is to reschedule delivery which apparently doesn't promise delivery of a product I've been charged for.  No further assistance.  No real communication.  No compensation.  No real support.


Today alone, I was told I'd receive a call back from an escalation team within 30 minutes.  It's been almost 6 hours.  I was given a number to the delivery manager in my area.  Left him a message and zip.  


Who can I talk to and get some support?  At this point, I'm expecting Best Buy to state they don't have the TV in stock, cancel my order and wipe their hands clean of this order.

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Re: Request for assistance - Delivery cancelled 3 times by Best Buy

Hey, Josephmach17,


Thank you for reaching out and sharing this experience with us. Buying a new TV should be an exciting purchase, and this experience sounds far from that. I am sorry for the trouble you have had in receiving this TV so far. 


Further, we expect our agents to provide accurate timelines, especially for a follow up call. It disheartens me to hear that you have had to reach out to Best Buy several times to get support, and are still without a TV or a call back. This is not the level of service that we aspire to. 


So that I can get a closer look into this, and see what I can do to help, please send us a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and order number. Looking forward to hearing from you!




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