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Repeat cancelled/rescheduled and unskilled installation teams



I'm really hoping to get contact information direct to someone who can resolve this. Best Buy general support, appliance support, and installation support have all failed me. 




Ordered a Samsung 4-door Fled Refrigerator (Model RF23A9675AP/AA) that has separate front panels that need to be installed. Set up delivery and installation for BOTH the refrigerator and the panels separately.


On the day of installation, the team arrives and "install" the refrigerator only, but they can't do the panels. They promise that another team is on their way same day to finish the job. At end of day, no one arrives or calls. I call support - they say they can't do anything for another 24 hours and that the installation team will call me back. Surprise, no one ever called and they marked the panels as being installed, effectively completing the order. 


I follow-up with Best Buy appliance installation and explain that I needed an installation team to come back out to install the refrigerator panels. 3 weeks later, the team shows up. Oh no, this team cannot install the panels either. They promise it will be made right. Take pictures of the panels, the frigerator, add notes and pictures to my file and promise I will be called within 20 minutes to schedule with the correct team. Of course not believing them, I ask for a direct phone number to obtain resolution and receive the number to the warehouse, supposedly.


I wait 20 minutes. I wait 24 hours. No call. I call the direct number I was provided and it's a personal Google Voice phone number unrelated to Best Buy, a warehouse, or any installation teams.


So now I am well over a month and a half since I ordered my refrigerator with multiple failed installation attempts which we have to take the day off work to accomodate. This is not even counting the times delivery and installation attempts were rescheduled, on the same day as scheduled, by Best Buy.


I am really at the end of my patience on this issue. I need the direct phone number of someone who understands the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator and its installation needs that can actually follow through on their committment. I do not want to speak to 1800 Best Buy or the Appliance Team, sit on hold for hour(s), and then be disappointed again. I need a human who knows how to do their job to get this resolved.

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Re: Repeat cancelled/rescheduled and unskilled installation teams

You know what. Nevermind.


Installation instructions don't come with the refrigerator. Neither Best Buy nor Samsung have installation manuals online - Samsung even saying you must have a professional install them. The boxes themselves don't come with any instructions.


But you know what? When Best Buy perpetually disappoints, just install them yourselves. It's relatively intuitive to do. By myself, I was able to figure it out and get all four installed in 20 minutes. Feel free to reach out to me if you run into the same issue with Best Buy's incompetence. Hell, maybe I'll start a side business that only serves clients disappointed by Best Buy.


In the past 3 months I've purchased and had installed a Refrigerator, a Dishwasher, and an Induction Range and every single one of those experiences has been absolute hell. The dishwasher took five attempts to get installed and I had to end up fixing their electrical wiring because the installation team created a short in the electrical panel. The induction range installation involves just shoving it into the hole and plugging it in - I had to remove it, level it, and install the anti-tip bracket myself - best part is that the installation team didn't leave the bracket so I had to buy one myself.


I have to say I will never. ever. if my life, my spouses life, or my pet's lives depended on it. ever purchase anything from Best Buy again. The incompetence. The negligence. And lies. And the overwhelming horrible customer service should be criminal.