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Repair and support frustration since May!!!!

I'm  total tech support and have always been thrilled with the services, however, not any longer as evidently you now utilize only 3rd party installers.


In May purchased a Harmony Universal Remote and scheduled install due to coordinating other equipment.  Service was scheduled for 5/27.  

5/27 technician called and due to weather (rain) couldn't come. Rescheduled for 5/29

5/29 Came - didn't have his computer so used mine but couldn't get the remote set up. Said he would be back. 

6/8 Installed - however after he left didn't work properly so scheduled to come 7/3 from 7 AM - 1PM

      arrived at 5 PM and stayed 10 minutes.  Said it was probably the remote - he would contact Best Buy and have them

      "warranty it out" and I would be getting a call about rescheduling and he would pick up and install.  Tried to get me

       to buy a $200 remote.  We have had Harmony remotes before and happy with it.

7/13 Haven't heard from Best Buy so called.  Agent explained they don't "warranty out".  I need to bring remote into

       a store and go to Geek Squad desk.

7/27 Went in (I don't live near a Best Buy store) and to desk, explained what I needed, agent said she hasn't done that

        in a long time - go to customer service.  I did, she talked to gentleman at door he gave her a number to call an when

        she did - that person only available Tuesday through Saturday (I went on Monday)  She Scheduled a redo for 7/29

7/29 Sheduled 7AM - 1 PM  NO SHOW OR CALL.  I called that evening explained what happened and they said they 

       would escalate to a manager who would call me withing 24 hours.

7/30 Haven't heard from anyone - so that evening called again. Apologies and they were going to escalate it even more

7/31 Guess what - still no call

8/4  Called again - Said I needed to talk to Special Forces and he would connect me as well as gave me number in case

        we were disconnected.  Call he connected I held for 45 minutes - no one answered.  Called back 2nd time Held for 

       1 Hour and 20 Minutes - no one answered

8/5  Called in AM and held 45+ miutes.  Called Best Buy in afternoon agent apologized for delay but only agents could 

       connect to Special Forces and he would connect me. (Why give me a number in case we were disconnected????)      

       Well held 35 minutes this time but by now I'm tired of listening to the music

       (at least other businesses have a system that tells you the wait time before your call is

        answered).  Hung up called Best Buy - this agent said same - gotta talk to Special Forces and she couldn't tell

       what the wait time was.  Sure lets try again!  Drove from Pensacola to Orange Beach and even stopped at a grocery 

       store and can you believe it no answer.  So tell me is Special Forces somewhere  or do you just "forward calls"?  


I am beyond frustrated with this and can't believe there is no response from anyone.  I'll be anxious to see if you respond!