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Remote Start & Installation

Who can I write a big long complaint letter to regarding my purchase and scheduled installation experience of a remote start?

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Re: Remote Start & Installation

You can post it here, or if you prefer a moderator will respond when they reach your post in the queue and you can send it to them via private message.
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Re: Remote Start & Installation

On December 11 I walked into my local Best Buy to purchase a remote start with installation for my daughter for Christmas. I told the salesman what specific car she had and he handed me a Compustar box and began to input the sale. I started reading the box and told him that it did not seem like this product would work on a manual shift car (which I told him it was right in the beginning). He walked over to the shelf and began to read all of the boxes of remote kits. This annoyed me a little because I felt like, as a salesperson in this specific department he should know the products he is selling. After about 10 minutes of this, I just started to look up the product myself on my phone. Amazingly, Best Buy's website has a tool that lets you enter your vehicle info and tells you what is compatable. Not sure why he didn't try this first, or why his computer does not have the same tool. I tell him what I found and he takes it off the shelf and starts to input the sale. I ask him if this was all I needed, is he sure I do not need any add-ons. He calls a manager over. He and the manager spend another 5-7 minutes making sure this was all I need. They assure me it is. Next,  on to an installation appointment. First available is January 12 at 3:45 pm, over a month away, but, hey, it's Chrristmas time, so I understand. Fine, book it. Fast forward to January 12 at 11:15 am. Phone call from Best Buy. We are told that not only do we need to purchase some type of add-on (which, well, you know..), but the install is going to take longer than expected. We need to reschedule. First available is February 9. Are you kidding? Why do these people not know their products? Why did they wait until the morning of my appointment to figure this out? This guy tells me that he usually looks over his appointments 3 days ahead of time just to confirm they have all needed tools, components, etc., but he's been off for the last several days so that did not get done until the morning of the appointment. Aren't they supposed to be experts? Professionals? If it is only going to take an extra hour, then stay late and get paid overtime. Why is my time less valuable? My husband turned down overtime at his job so he could be around to take her! Why cancel my 3 hour appointment instead of someone else's 1 or 2 hour appointment? This was YOUR mistake, not mine. Meanwhile, my kid still does not have her remote start. Unbelievable.

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Re: Remote Start & Installation

Hi there, LisaG408,


Welcome to our community.  I used to have a remote start feature on my last car, but I lived in the South at the time and never really had much use for it.  Now that we get snow each year where I live, I imagine I’d get much more use of being able to warm up my car ahead of time.  We appreciate you choosing to upgrade your daughter’s car at Best Buy, but I was disappointed to hear your experience with us turned sour so quickly.


We strive to train our associates to be knowledgeable about the products and services we sell, so I can absolutely understand why you’d feel frustrated having waited almost a month for your appointment, only to be told additional accessories would be required and that your appointment would need to be rescheduled again.  You have my sincere apologies for the obvious inconvenience this created for you and your daughter.


At this point, has the store been able to order all required accessories for you?  If so, it may be worth connecting with the store to see if any sooner appointments are available.  While we would not bump another client’s reservation to reschedule another, it never hurts to ask, right?



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